Naboo Launches iVigilo Apps for Camera Monitoring and Alerting

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[] Heerlen, Netherlands - Naboo today is pleased to announce the availability of the iVigilo(R) camera management and alerting Apps for Apple's iPhone(R), iPod touch(R), iPad(R) and Mac(R). An iVigilo system consists of iVigilo Dashboard for iOS and iVigilo Alert Centre for Mac OS(R).

More and more digital network capable cameras are being used and installed globally. At first mainly used by companies for security reasons, nowadays consumers are rapidly becoming accustomed to the use and convenience of cameras either built into their desktops, laptops, mobile devices or as standalone cameras in a local area network or on the Web. It is expected that by 2015 the average consumer will have access to five or more cameras. This explosive growth in camera access and usage requires a new generation of software and software services, that allow users to easily manage all camera signals he or she has access to.

Available soon from the Apple(R) App Store, iVigilo Dashboard is an easy to use powerful camera management and alerting App, providing remote camera security, life casting, baby monitoring and global webcam monitoring applications from the palm of the user's hand. The iVigilo Dashboard communicates with and controls all functionality of the iVigilo Alert Centre on the Mac(R) through a secure peer-2-peer connection over Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

The iVigilo Alert Centre App is installed on the users Mac(R). Through the iVigilo Alert Centre the user can add the Mac's own built-in camera or most network MJPEG IP cameras to the iVigilo set-up. The iVigilo(R) Alert Centre contains a built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which can record from any of the active cameras either manually, time-lapsed or on motion detection. Subsequently the iVigilo Alert(R) Centre creates alerts based on user-selected parameters (signaled by the specified cameras), which are then relayed to the user through the iVigilo Dashboard App installed on the mobile device. The iVigilo Alert Centre can be downloaded for free.

Main Features

Camera monitoring and alerting:
The iVigilo(R) Dashboard App connects to the camera inside the remote Mac(R) computer running iVigilo(R) Alert Centre as well as any MJPEG Network/IP cam either within a local network or anywhere on the Internet. Through this unique peer-to-peer secure iVigilo(R) camera connection, iVigilo(R) Dashboard allows the user of the iOS device:

* To view live signal from the active camera
* To browse through cameras by gesture
* To become automatically alerted when an event is detected by the iVigilo(R) Alert Centre. No more sitting in front of a camera while nothing happens
* To store all or selected video recordings in the iOS device Camera Roll
* To select camera groups which can be imported to and exported from the Alert Centre

To record from cameras:
* Manually by starting and stopping the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is built into the iVigilo(R) Alert Centre
* In a given time period (time-lapse) or frequency
* On motion detected by the active camera

Alert management:
iVigilo(R) Dashboard creates a detailed alert event history which allows the user:
* To review all registered alerts, including any corresponding video recording
* To archive important alerts so they never get lost
* To store video-clips in the mobile device Camera Roll
* To Tweet selected alerts to your Twitter account. This can be done manually or automatically

Technical alerts:
The iVigilo(R) Dashboard will provide an alert in case of certain technical events on either the iOS dashboard device or the iVigilo(R) Alert Centre on the Mac(R) computer.
The level of alerting is user controlled. For example:

* Set the minimum battery level and be alerted when this level is reached
* Set the minimum memory level and be alerted when this level is reached

Social Alerting:
Share alerts by Twitter. Social alerting can be done either automatically or manually.

Areas Of Use

Home security:
With the iVigilo(R) Dashboard and the iVigilo(R) Alert Centre apps, private individuals can easily implement a home camera security system. A user can start with just his mobile device running the iVigilo(R) Dashboard app and using the built-in camera in his or her Mac(R). One or more MJPEG network cameras can be added.

Travel security:
In an instant, travelers can easily install their own camera security system in their hotel room or holiday house. All that is needed is the iVigilo Dashboard App on the mobile device together with the iVigilo Alert Centre on the Mac(R). Starting-up both Apps is sufficient to set up the security system.

Store / office security:
With iVigilo(R) Dashboard and iVigilo(R) Alert Centre, it is easy to setup an Office or Store camera security system. Once an office or shop owner has installed the network cameras at the appropriate locations, these cameras can be added to the iVigilo(R) Alert Centre camera database. Through the iVigilo(R) Dashboard all camera signals can be monitored.

Baby monitoring:
iVigilo(R) is an advanced video baby monitor. Parents can keep an eye on their children while they are sleeping or otherwise briefly unattended. Parents will receive an alert in case there is any movement or sound in the children's bedroom. Once activated iVigilo(R) will record anything that happens during the night.

Webcam monitoring:
With iVigilo(R) Dashboard and Alert Centre, users will have access to literally thousands of publicly available network cameras all over the world from the palm of their hand. Travel from the beach in Hawaii, to the San Diego zoo, to Tokyo and then to the South Pacific. All these public cameras can be monitored. Recordings of each camera can be made by manually starting and stopping the DVR, by creating a beautiful time-lapse or by recording only when motion is detected.

System Requirements

iVigilo Dashboard:
* iPhone(R) 3GS or later model;
* iPod touch(R) 3rd generation or later model;
* iPad or later model;
* iOS 4.x
iVigilo Alert Centre:
* Mac(R) computer running Mac OS(R) X 10.6.x

Naboo BV is based in Heerlen, the Netherlands and was founded in 1999. Through its Naboo Media division, the company engages in the design, development and distribution of software and services for the Internet of Things. For more information about Naboo and its products, visit the company's web site. (C) 2011 Naboo BV. All rights reserved. iVigilo and the iVigilo logo are registered trademarks of Naboo BV in the Netherlands and other countries. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.


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