NoteList 2.12 by Tension Software stores data in a free format

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[] Milano, Italy - Tension Software has announced NoteList 2.12 for Mac. NoteList is an application to store data in a free format using text and images with full word processing capabilities. The application is document based and can manage and unlimited number of documents and any document can store an unlimited number of notes where any single note can be a full text in TXT format or a RTF text with also images embedded. Copying and pasting from Safari works perfectly preserving formatting and links!

It is based on a very simple interface with the list of the managed notes and the content of the selected note full expanded. The user just clicks the name of the note on the left and the expanded content is available on the right. Notes can be categorized and filtered by category, stored and edited using formatted text with font size style and images that can be imported via copy and paste and via drag and drop.

Color label for any category allows to identify notes in a fast and easy way. NoteList allows to browse notes in a simple and effective way and allows to search for notes inside a document using the find field in the upper part of the window and combining it with category filtering. The list of available notes will be adapted to the matching notes as the user types , the list will adapt itself to the search string.

It is the right solution to store frequented accessed data in a free format and have them ready to copy and paste in other document, or others information such as checklist and many other various kind of informations not structured in a way that make them suitable for inserting in a database but that the user need to store in same place. The application adapts itself to the user needs and in case the user likes to use it as a utility, he can choose to have his preferred document opened at launch time.

All the content of the notes inside any NoteList document is Spotlight enabled and searchable from outside NoteList using the Spotlight menu.

* Easy to use and powerful
* Free format note let you insert text as you like
* Copy and Paste from Safari preserves formatting and links
* Full set of tools for formatting and working with text as in a word processor
* Drag and Drop of images directly inside the document
* Label categories to help organize all your notes, now with colors
* Notes dynamically synchronized with the assigned category
* Remembers window and columns size
* Opens documents with notes pre-sorted using preferences settings
* Fast internal search as you type and by category
* Spotlight native without installation of auxiliary plugins from version 1.0
* Unlimited number of notes in any NoteList document
* Customizable autorecovery
* Customizable autosave
* Check for update via net inside the application

New in this release:
* New Summer Low Price offer at only $10 (USD)
* Automatic sort of notes opening new documents as specified and customized in preferences
* Autosave option at custom regular interval

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel

Pricing and Availability:
NoteList 2.12 is $10.00 (USD) and available for purchase and download from the Tension Software website.

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