Arten Science releases ScreenAudit for Mac OS X

September 9, 2008 in Utility (E)

[] Derbyshire, UK - Arten Science is proud to announce ScreenAudit. ScreenAudit is a Mac OSX application that performs snapshots of your Screen(s) and Webcam at timed intervals. If you have multiple monitors it will take snapshots of them all. The interval between snapshots, the name of the destination folder, and the quality of the resulting jpg can be set from within the Preferences menu. See what you did, and when, with ScreenAudit. You can hide the Countdown and even get ScreenAudit to speak your own message as it takes the screenshot.

ScreenAudit is not designed for covert 'spying' on a computer. ScreenAudit has it's own window which shows a countdown until the next timed snapshot. The window flips from right to left as the snapshot is taken and the ScreenAudit icon in the dock displays the 'Note' graphic to let you know a snapshot has been taken. If you do not wish to view the ScreenAudit window it can of course be minimised. ScreenAudit will even snapshot the screen showing the Dashboard or Spaces overview if displayed.

* Snapshots of your screen and webcam at definable timed intervals
* Reminds you what you were doing, and when
* Never forget to bill for your time, your actions recorded
* Monitor if someone else uses your computer, and for what
* Keep an eye on your children's online activities
* Monitor your home / pet / garden remotely
* Supports multiple monitors
* Speaks your own message when taking the snapshot
* Adjustable snapshot quality

ScreenAudit In Use:
ScreenAudit is useful for a number of purposes. Primarily it allows you to keep a record of your activities as you use your computer. If you bill for time then ScreenAudit can be used to remind you what you were doing and when.

If you install ScreenAudit on your child's computer they will be less likely to become exposed to the seedier side of the internet as they know you can monitor what they are doing. If you periodically check their screenshots you can be alerted to a potential problem before it occurs.

If you forget to save a document then ScreenAudit might come to your rescue by at least showing you the screen with the text displayed. You will have to type it again but at least you won't have to do it from memory. If you are concerned that someone is using your computer in your absence then ScreenAudit will help you to see what was done and who did it. If you manage a department you may wish to install ScreenAudit on your colleagues computers to keep a record of work done ?

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 5 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
A trial version of ScreenAudit is available for download. The trial version displays the words 'Trial Version' on the ScreenAudit window and only performs 20 sets of snapshots before quitting. At 5 minute intervals this equates to over and hour and a half of Screen and Webcam auditing. Obviously you can relaunch ScreenAudit to continue your trial.

Arten Science was setup in 2007 to design, develop and market quality commercial software for the Apple Mac OSX, Windows XP / Vista and Linux with GTK+ 2.x. We also provide Bespoke Software Development and Technology / Database / Security Consultancy services. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can also be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. We can help you to use software to solve business problems and create business opportunities.


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