Podrunner releases Podrunner: Shift for iOS

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[prMac.com] San Francisco, California - Podrunner(tm), the world's most-downloaded workout music, has released Podrunner: Shift, an iPhone/iTouch app that lets listeners work out to any of Podrunner's free exercise mixes at any desired BPM (Beats Per Minute).

Podrunner offers music mixes from 130 to 180 BPM, but the large number of available speeds has a downside: "Before Podrunner: Shift, listeners only had four or five mixes available at any single BPM," says Podrunner founder and DJ Steve Boyett. "With Podrunner: Shift, the entire catalog is now available at whatever speed they want."

Podrunner: Shift also makes the mixes useful for those whose workout pace was previously outside of Podrunner's offered range. Now slower walkers, speed runners, cyclists, spinners, elliptical trainers, stairclimbers, and more can play any Podrunner mix at their preferred BPM. "Just pick a mix, pick your speed, and go," says Boyett. "There's no waiting, and you can change speed on the fly." The music's pitch remains unchanged, and Podrunner's renowned audio quality is not degraded. And if you don't currently have the mix you want, Podrunner: Shift will download it for you.

Podrunner: Shift also features an "Intro Skip" button that bypasses a mix's introduction and goes straight for the beats. "The two-minute intro is Podrunner's main point of contact with listeners," says Boyett. "But listeners don't want to hear the intro every time they work out. Now they don't have to."

With the free Podrunner app, users can download, search, sort, play, and view info about any available Podrunner mix. "It's your one-stop shop for all things Podrunner," says Boyett. App users can upgrade to Podrunner: Shift in-app to add the powerful BeatShift and Intro Skip functions.

"Podrunner: Shift is simple, easy to use, rock-solid, and terrific at doing a few extremely valuable tasks to help your workout," says Boyett. "With on-the-fly beatshifting, I had to wait for the technology to catch up to me. But we Podrunner listeners are used to waiting for everyone else to catch up." Podrunner: Shift is available from the iTunes App Store, or from the Sweat Shop online.

Podrunner is a free, biweekly music mix for runners, power walkers, indoor cyclists, or anyone who can benefit from a tempo-based workout. An award winner five years in a row, Podrunner is arguably the world's most popular workout music, consistently ranked in iTunes' Top 10 Health and Fitness podcasts, and in the Top 100 overall. Each Podrunner mix is an hour of nonstop, high-energy dance music mixed by San Francisco Bay-area DJ Steve Boyett. Copyright (C) 2011 Podrunner. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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