Shoot the frog into the flies with Catch the Fly Action game for iOS

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[] Sunnyvale, California - EG Games LLC, an up and coming mobile game developer, has today announced the recent release of Catch the Fly for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A free mobile arcade game that blends vivid action with strategy and problem solving, Catch the Fly has players shoot frogs into hiding flies and the result is never anything less then grin worthy entertainment. Every level provides a unique challenge and its up to the player to figure out where and how to aim their hungry green ammo to make there's no flies standing once the frogs have run out. Free to download, this app was built to please both hardcore gamers and those looking for some leisurely fun and includes free level packs as well as the option of access hundreds of extra exciting levels via in-app purchase with the click of a button. Catch the Fly is currently available on the Apple App Store in the Games Category.

This exhilarating new mobile game takes proven gameplay elements from legendary mobile classics such as Angry Birds and other catapult adventures and blends them with a whimsical frog and fly theme, a unique narrative, and crazy new scenarios. In Catch the Fly players control a small team of frogs and use a green leaf as their "catapult of choice" to shoot them across each level and eat every fly they see on the other side. It's not that simple though. These are clever flies though, and if gamers want to their frogs to eat all of them and achieve victory they'll have to break through their fortress-like hiding places. To add to the challenge each level provides players with a very limited amount of frogs to shoot, meaning they have to master the art of killing two flies with one frog if they hope to keep winning as they progress through the game.

Though straightforward to play, this game is anything but a one-trick pony. Players are provided with a full two hundred and fifty diverse and unique levels to play through. These levels are split up into ten different level packs, each set in a different location, and each with different challenges meant to keep players engaged even as they become more proficient at propelling frogs from leaf to fly. The app features a straightforward and well polished user interface and boasts a powerful realistic physics engine to promote complex and mentally engaging gameplay as well. In a mobile marketplace flooded with small games lacking in diverse gameplay, Catch the Fly is a refreshing mix of unpredictable gaming action on a delightfully vast scope.

Founded in Nevada, EG Games LLC was formed from a vision of providing mobile gaming enthusiasts with brief escapes from their normal days. The studio makes mobile games that are as fun as they are easy to learn to play and enjoy at a moments notice. (C) EG Games LLC 2011. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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