Need Total Commander equivalent for Mac? Try new Disk Order 2.5!

April 12, 2007 in Software (E)

[] LikeMac Group has just released the latest release of the double-panel file management utility for OS X, Disk Order v.2.5, making it more useful and handy to audience.

The key features of new release are advanced file viewing options, greatly improved Intel-macs support and updated graphical user interface which, when combined, make the application still more useful and easy to use.

Now Disk Order has two additional file viewing modes. The first one may be familiar to Finder users, when files are displayed as a list and folders can be expanded by clicking the small triangle beside. It is really useful when you need to quickly view some subdirectories without leaving the main working folder. The second mode is thumbnails mode when instead of a plain file icons you can see picture previews. This mode is irreplaceable for users who used to spend their time working with graphical files.

Also, this release may offer still better features. These are improved tabs, which now work more logically and better. Now you can customize them as you prefer by setting different viewing modes, custom columns sizes and so on. New tabs are designed to remember just everything, even your selection and cursor position. This means that you can open many Search Results tabs at the same time and this also means that you can simply switch between tabs much faster than before.

The latest Disk Order has a much better Intel-Macs support. Now it works a lot faster and reliable on brand new machines, making the overall impression of being twice faster. The application has been thoroughly tested to work on different models of Intel processors and proved to be solid.

Besides, new version of the application has something to offer for Finder users too. From now on it can be customized to display files just as Finder does, i.e. files and folders sorted into a single list, but not into different lists as it was before (Earlier, Disk Order sorted files the way when folders were always sorted alphabetically and placed above sorted files). So, now everyone can make Disk Order look just like as Finder in this respect.

Also many minor bugs have been fixed and some interface improvements have been made: new stylish icon created and Preferences window updated to be nice-looking and better-performing.

Disk Order was designed to be a decent substitution of Finder that could offer users time-saving double-panel interface and ultimate file management at the same time. It suits best for those who used to work on other platforms with applications like Total Commander or Directory Opus. Also, it's a great choice for portables owners as it allows to perform nearly all file operations with fast key combinations, saving time and omitting frustration from using track-pad in Finder.

The application is available in two versions, PowerPC and Universal Binary.
The first one is to be used in PowerPC Mac and can be downloaded at, and the second one is for Intel-based Macs and can be found at
Both versions can be downloaded free of charge as 30-day trial shareware.

LikeMac Group develops Disk Order, a file management application for Mac OS X.


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