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[] Tirupur, India - Jul 10, 2011 - Are you a Sql Server database user and ever wished about managing the database from IOS devices by touch. Then this is a perfect companion tool for you to remotely visualize and manage the Sql Server Database in an intuitive way.

You are on the move and your client identifies a serious problem in a Sql Server function and wanted it to be fixed right away. Using this application in iOS Device you can generate the script for the problem function then alter the function to fix the issue and execute the modified script by a single touch. This makes you and your client in a breezing peaceful mind.

Your Project Manger running behind you for a database prototype of a new project and you want a damn vacation without sitting before computer. At the same time you want to make the project manager happy. That's where this handy tools comes into picture for your help. Lying in beach, connect to Sql Server Database via 3G and create the Database Prototype in no time and get your rise.

As a DBA you want to review the work done by your team mates again on move. Using this excellent tool you can review every object in the database and its properties. Ha, you found a bug/improvement in an object and want to intimate your team mate. Get the script of the object instantly, add your suggestions and mail it in place to the team mate.

Sql Server in a highly secured environment needs assistance from you immediately to fix a serious issue. The security expert at the client is reluctant to allow remote connections. Using this highly secured tool you can ask the client to enable remote connections via SSL and the client can limit the connections based on unique identifier of the iOS device. So this leave the security expert at his peace of mind.

You got a time consuming script has to be run on the database and it is time for you to go to your kids school function what will you do? FIre on this little tool and initiate the script to run asynchronously and go on to the function to have fun. Once the query execution is completed the results will be delivered to your iOS device flawlessly.

iSqlWebProg 1.2 Features:
* Visualize Sql Server Database Objects
* Immediate help on Sql Server Database Objects
* Script Sql Server Database Objects
* Search Sql Server Database Objects
* Administer the Sql Server Database by scripting
* Design Tables using a Simple GUI Table editor
* Manage Sql Server Agent Jobs (Start, Stop & View Agent Logs)
* Edit Scripts and Execute the same
* Send any kind of Query and browse the results in table
* Email Scripts and Query Results instantly
* Asynchronous Query Execution
* Parallel Query Execution
* Access Control by iOS Device Unique Identifier
* Manage any number of Sql Server Databases

Explore and Script the following Sql Server Database Objects:
* Databases
* Tables , Indexes , Keys, Constraints, Triggers, Table Columns
* Views
* Synonyms
* Stored Procedures
* Functions
* Table Valued Functions, Scalar Valued Functions , Aggregate Functions
* Database Triggers
* Assemblies
* Types
* User Defined Data Types , User Defined Table Types , Used Define Types , XML Schema Collections
* Rules
* Defaults
* Security
* Users, Roles, Application Roles
* Schemas
* Asymmetric Keys, Symmetric Keys
* Database Audit Specifications
* Server Objects
* Logins, Roles,Credentials
* Server Audit Specification
* Backup Devices
* View and Analyze Sql Server Logs
* Sql Server Agent
* Job Activity Monitor
* Alerts
* Operators
* Jobs
* Start and Stop Jobs

SqlWebProg Server:
iSqlWebProg needs SqlWebProg Server application to act as a bridge between iOS Devices and Sql Server Database. You can download the bridge server from The downloaded archive contains the help document about how to install and configure SqlWebProg Server.

SqlWebProg Server Features:
* By default SqlWebProg Server runs as Windows Service.
* It is possible to host SqlWebProg Server in Windows Internet Information Server (IIS)
* SqlWebProg Server can be configured to run over SSL
* Supported on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System.
* Access to Sql Server database can be controlled by the validation of iOS Device Unique Identifier.
* Comes with a BackOffice console application for managing the validation of iOS devices and to configure the SSL certificates for Windows Service.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Requires iPhone OS 4.2 or later
* 2.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iSqlWebProg 1.2 is only $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

MakeProg is a global information technology (IT) company based at Tirupur, India. Our goal and passion is to dedicating our global resources, industry intelligence and systems expertise to creating innovative solutions for enterprises to make their businesses stronger.

The fact that we have been a global organization since our inception is one of the key factors in our ability to serve major multi-national clients. Our leadership team leads by example with integrity, respect and a keen eye on building collaboration at every level of our organization.

MakeProg is lead by a most dynamic team comprising of technical and entrepreneurial visionaries with over 15 years experience in this industry . It has more specialized team for Microsoft Technologies and it always keep updated with the technology developments.

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