Centrix.ca Launches NetworkLocation 3.0 using Skyhook Wireless location

September 15, 2008 in Networks and FTP (E)

[prMac.com] Winnipeg, Manitoba and Boston, MA - Centrix.ca, developers of leading Mac software, and Skyhook Wireless, providers of the Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS), today announced the release of NetworkLocation 3.0, a Mac OS X application that automatically adjusts user settings. NetworkLocation allows users to customize their Mac OS X settings, such as launching an iTunes playlist, enabling Airport, or iChat message status based on location.

"We developed NetworkLocation to address an annoyance we all come across to varying degrees - the tedious routine of getting our laptops into a comfortable and productive state," said Richard Fillion, co-founder of Centrix.ca. "Everywhere we go, we want our computers to behave a certain way - from lowering the volume at the library, to changing the default printer or mail server. With NetworkLocation, it just happens."

Centrix.ca has integrated WPS from Skyhook Wireless to determine user location. "With Skyhook, NetworkLocation can position a user automatically indoors, where people use their Macbooks most," said Kate Imbach, director of developer relations at Skyhook Wireless. "Network Location shows how location-aware software can optimize user experience based on environment-specific requirements."

People who use their laptop in many places often find they need to adjust their settings to suit their environment - something that can be tedious and time consuming. Before NetworkLocation, users everyday had to reestablish their specialized settings for home, work, school, and the road. Now, NetworkLocation allows users to create new locations outside the Mac OS X system locations, and enables one-click configuration options, including scripting, display and connection settings, enabling or disabling Bluetooth, airport power, iTunes, security actions, printer settings and many more. NetworkLocation also offers an SDK that helps application developers build their own customized actions.

About Skyhook Wireless
Founded in 2003, Skyhook Wireless has pioneered the development of the first hybrid positioning system to fully leverage Wi-Fi, GPS and cell towers delivering precise location data supporting the growing market for location-based services. Skyhook's hybrid positioning system XPS requires no new hardware, works indoors and outdoors, provides an instant location and is more accurate than current technologies in congested downtown areas. Skyhook Wireless is headquartered in Boston, MA, and is privately held. Investors include RRE Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Intel Capital and CommonAngels.

Located in Winnipeg, Canada, Centrix.ca Software is a privately funded company founded in 2005 by Phil Letourneau, Richard Fillion and Chris Farber. Hell-bent on creating phenomenal software, Centrix.ca advocates three core principles: sound usability, superb design and solid function. Centrix.ca' software design methodology starts and ends with the user, and strives to develop intuitive software that exceeds customers expectations. For more information visit their website.


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