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[] Manama, Bahrain - NoorMobileApps announces the release of Concentration Calculator 1.1, which helps users calculate their levels of concentration. This update added one more level. In this level, use your memory to remember the word displayed at the top and tap it as soon as it's displayed on the center. Apps releases from NoorMobileApps have been known for their ability to engross the user's attention with fluid interactivity that is appealing, interesting and highly practical. Concentration Calculator is another app released by the company that sticks to the company's commitment towards providing apps that make you think.

NoorMobileApps focuses its attention on releasing the kind of apps that aren't just about helping users pass the time. Apps from the company are more about helping users relax by spending quality time with the application. When people use apps released by NoorMobileApps, they know that the particular app is doing much more than just entertaining them.

Concentration Calculator gives users the opportunity to calculate their concentration levels. The design of this application makes full use of the rich graphic interface of the iPhone to provide a highly interactive experience. Using this app is simplicity itself. It offers you two levels - Easy and Medium. In the easy level all you need to do is hold the app in the palm of your hand and keep your palm as still as possible. The app detects even the minutest movement and your time will stop as soon as you move beyond the predetermined threshold.

If you choose the medium level, you will be shown a word at the top of the screen. You will also see words flashing in the middle of the screen. You will need to tap the word that appears in the middle of the screen, if it matches the word shown at the top of your iPhone screen. Remember, you just have a second to tap. If you miss or choose the wrong word, you are timed out.

Key Features

* Test your concentration the iPhone way
* Two Levels - easy and medium
* Hold still or just tap
* It helps you focus better
* Minute calculation of your movement
* Dynamic word play
* Just start and reset - easy to use and highly enjoyable

The use of the app will also help users build their levels of concentration. This further demonstrates the fact that NoorMobileApps is a company that believes in offering something more through its apps. If you are looking for a worthy app that deserves to be on your iPhone purely on the basis of its appeal, functionality and all round value, then you absolutely must choose Concentration Calculator. It is definitely going to work wonders for your concentration. Download it and have fun.

Device Requirements:
* All iOS devices
* Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later
* .7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Concentration Calculator is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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