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September 16, 2008 in Promotions (E)

[] Orlando, FL - DnG Design & Development Inc, the creative team behind FMPug and FindFileMakerDevelopers (FFD) is proud to announce an exclusive deal with, the leading provider of success studies to Fortune 100 companies.

As the name suggests, is in business to spotlight your corporate success; to provide custom tailored editorials about the successful facets of your company. The formula is a proven commodity. With over a decade of experience, their strength lies in their ability to provide fresh, compelling and inspiring stories behind the success of a project, a solution and/or a company. offers the unique opportunity to publish and publicly share your corporate success with potential clients and the media; offering your company a maximized level of credibility, enhanced story quality and accuracy.

The company's level of client and industry diversity provides the background and experience to communicate your success in a way that truly speaks to the masses. Like your business, each story is unique. The background, the approach, the angle, the impact, the significance is custom tailored based directly on your input. These stories are designed to illustrate YOUR success as a company - the success of what YOU do and how YOU do it. It is for this very reason why Fortune 100 companies like Google, American Express, Red Hat - and even FileMaker Inc have contracted with to publish their case studies and testimonials.

The pairing is a perfect one. The partnership with is designed to offer members of FMPug and FFD a fresh approach to showcasing company talent, provide a creative avenue of growth and the opportunity to maximize company exposure. Members of FFD will have the opportunity to elevate that level of exposure even further by posting their story in a place of prominence. A specialized tab will be added to each FFD profile where a story is available.

Case studies written by have a proven track record of increasing awareness and communicating a company's core competencies, its talent and ingenuity in a refreshing and innovative manner. is an excellent addition to the marketing and corporate communications arm of your business. As a member of either the FMPug or FFD community you have the opportunity to brand your success with the #1 company out there - for less!

For a limited-time is offering significant savings across their entire "Success" package offering - a savings of $150-$600 (USD). Act now! The offer is exclusive to the FMPug and FindFileMakerDeveloper community and will end as soon as the counter clicks to 40.

To read more about and/or join either the FMPug or FindFileMakerDevelopers communities to take part in this and many other benefits, please click the respective links.

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Jan Ziff