PressOK Entertainment Launches Mobile Gaming Platform PlacePlay

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[] Seattle, Washington - PressOK Entertainment, Inc., a Seattle-based developer of mobile tools and applications, today announced the launch of PlacePlay, a new location-enablement platform that connects mobile game developers, players, and local advertisers. PlacePlay Tournaments, the platform's flagship toolset, enables developers to easily add location-enhanced tournaments to their titles to drive player engagement and increase revenue through targeted, location-enhanced advertising.

"We're excited about the new possibilities that PlacePlay opens up for us," explains Gary Toste, CEO of Brisk Mobile, a mobile game developer and publisher based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. "The platform's ease of integration enables us to quickly address the specific needs of our gamers, and gives us the opportunity to drive repeat usage of our products, creating a brand-new revenue stream for our titles that didn't exist before."

PlacePlay combines location data with social and game data to serve the most relevant ads possible, resulting in high CTRs and eCPMs, while providing new opportunities for major brands and advertisers to target and reach the ever-growing iOS audience with 200 million devices sold to date (Apple, 2011). Data collected during PlacePlay's three-month private beta, which is now open to the iOS developer community at large, revealed that PlacePlay Tournaments could be integrated in as little as one day, tournament participants play 1.6 times more than gamers who don't, and gross eCPMs via integrated monetization hover between $10 and $20.

"Adding PlacePlay to Doodle God allows our users to link their real world with the virtual world of Doodle God," says Anton Rybakov, CEO of JoyBits Ltd., a mobile game developer and publisher based in St. Petersburg, Russia. "PlacePlay provides our substantial user base with even more reasons to play with the option to earn extra virtual currency which we can monetize. We look forward to adding PlacePlay to all our future titles."

"As a game developer, we always believed that a gamer's physical location could be made relevant to their game experience to drive engagement and revenue in regular games, and this is what PlacePlay delivers," adds Ryan Morel, CEO of PressOK Entertainment. "By adding PlacePlay Tournaments, developers now have an easy way to increase engagement, and if they want, use our integrated local advertising to increase their revenue. That's pretty cool."

PlacePlay Tournaments benefits include:
* Daily city, state, and country tournaments - Users can participate in the tournament that gives them the best chance to win.
*Weekly venue tournaments - Users can create tournaments wherever they play to compete against classmates, co-workers, friends, or families.
*Integrated push notifications - Players are alerted when their score has been beaten, a tournament has ended, or new tournaments start, handled for developers by PlacePlay.
*Virtual currency support - PlacePlay supports prize pots. Users can be required to ante virtual currency to participate and win the pot.
*Customizable UI - Developers can utilize existing PlacePlay themes, or use the data layer SDK to create their own.
*Integrated monetization - Local offers built into the tournaments' UI provide gamers with real-world value while providing high CTRs for developers and advertisers.
*Easy to integrate - PlacePlay Tournaments can be integrated in as little as one day.
*GameCenter ID integration - No new user registration is necessary.
*Integration, sign-up, and support - Completely free. PressOK Entertainment shares all the revenue generated from local advertising with developers.

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