Kenaxis 3 Releases with New Features for Laptop Musicians

September 17, 2008 in Music and Recording (E)

[] Vancouver, BC/Canada - Kenaxis Creative has announced the release of Kenaxis 3, a major upgrade to their sound manipulation software. Kenaxis 3 transforms your computer into a powerful instrument of real-time musical expression. Designed for users who want to create truly innovative music and unexpected sounds, it works with audio that is: prerecorded and saved to your hard disk, synthesized on the spot, or captured on the fly from an external source.

Users can drag and drop sound files or record live audio feeds into six loop modules or a granular synth module. You can easily control the pitch, loop points, and volume to create a variety of sonic textures. An adjustable crossfade feature allows for click-free looping and the creation of loop drones. A unique negative crossfade feature adds space between your loops, lowering the density and allowing the creation of polyrhythmic interactions.

Created by a musician for musicians, Kenaxis 3 has found audiences worldwide with over nine years' continuous programming, development, and testing. Designed from the ground up to be an interactive instrument, Kenaxis 3 is ideal for live performance, composition, and experimentation. Whether you need to interact in real-time with other musicians or record experiments and composition that can be edited later, Kenaxis 3 is that rare piece of inspired software that can capture the sounds at the edge of your imagination - and beyond.

Key Features:
* Powerful Tools: 6 loop players each with a 12 band parametric EQ, granular synthesis, random file players, analog synthesis, convolution, 30 second delay with automated filters, and VST support
* Intuitive Interface: clear, compact display of all parameters at once - monitor and manipulate every aspect of your performance
* Complete Control: keyboard & mouse, MIDI, USB joystick, Wacom tablet, or use built-in random generators and oscillators
* Easy to Learn: built-in help system, comprehensive manual, and video tutorials
* All Sources: your audio library, live real-time captures, and synthesized sounds
* Tested and Honed for Use in: live looping, film scores, theatre, DJing, free improvisation, soundscaping, glitch, ambient, noise, electro-acoustic works, much more

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 "Tiger" or higher, Windows (XP or Vista)
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4, G5, Intel Processor, 800 MHz or faster, 512 MB RAM

Pricing and Availability:
Kenaxis 3 is a free upgrade to registered users. New users may purchase for $145 (USD) (or $199 for the Kenaxis bundle that includes Kenaxis Surround and Kenaxis Visualizer).

The Kenaxis family of products were born of the need for tools-without-limits, phenomenally adaptable resources to empower you as a composer, creator, and performer. Inspired software that transforms the laptop into a powerful and highly flexible musical instrument, Kenaxis is flexible enough for virtually any medium, space, or performance. Kenaxis has found audiences worldwide, thanks to nine years' continuous programming, development, and testing. For more, please visit their website.


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