Enterprise Desktop Alliance Members Deliver OS X Lion Support

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[prMac.com] Sunnyvale, California - The Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) today announced support for Mac OS(R) X Lion operating system software in enterprise environments by the member companies. The cross-platform solutions available from the Enterprise Desktop Alliance members will deliver services for the latest version of the Mac OS and help organizations transition from current and previous versions of Mac OS X to Lion.

Each member company provides products that allow organizations to benefit from their existing investment in Mac technology while leveraging their Windows management and administration infrastructure. EDA members provide additional integration and functionality in key areas of the business that are important to deployments in enterprise environments. These solutions address issues such as endpoint management - Absolute Software; identity & access management - Centrify; multi-platform file access and integration - Group Logic; and IT service management - Web Help Desk.

"We want organizations to be able to take advantage of the latest Mac OS as soon as it's available," said T. Reid Lewis, president of the Enterprise Desktop Alliance. "All of the EDA members are committed to making sure that an environment of mixed PCs and Macs is successful for both the users and IT management."

The individual member companies' plans for Lion support include:

Absolute Software:
Absolute Manage and Absolute Manage MDM provide endpoint management capabilities for PC, Mac(R), and iOS devices (iPhone(R), iPod touch(R), and iPad(TM)). With authentic cross-platform capabilities, there is no need to invest in additional infrastructure. Instead, existing Mac or Windows servers and hardware components can be leveraged to manage either platform (or both). Absolute Manage products provide support for Mac OS X Lion. See related press release: Absolute Software Announces Support for Mac OS X Lion.

On July 20, Centrify announced support for Lion in DirectControl for Mac and Centrify Express for Mac. All of DirectControl's extended desktop lockdown security and configuration controls available for previous Mac OS X systems are now available for Lion. These include hundreds of Group Policies to help IT administrators manage Macs using the same familiar tools and processes currently used to manage their Windows systems. See related press release: Centrify Announces "Day One" Support for Mac OS X Lion for Active Directory-Based Security and Access Control of Mac Users.

On July X, GroupLogic unveiled ExtremeZ-IP v.7.2, the latest version of the only actively maintained and supported Mac-compliant enterprise file server. The newest release comes complete with support for Mac OS X Lion and will allow organizations to seamlessly use and support multiple versions of Mac OS X. See related press release: GroupLogic Unveils ExtremeZ-IP 7.2 with Support for Mac OS X Lion.

Web Help Desk:
Web Help Desk remains completely compatible with all versions of Mac OS X from 10.5 through Lion. New installations and upgrades of the Web Help Desk software will remain unchallenged with the release of OS X Lion. Because Web Help Desk is 100% pure Java, users have the freedom to install the Web Help Desk server-side software on the operating system of their choice without the worry of operating system lock-in. Web Help Desk supports virtually any modern standards-compliant browser; including Internet Explorer 7+, Safari, Firefox 3+, and Google Chrome. See related press release: Web Help Desk Announces Support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Enterprise Desktop Alliance solutions extend the standard Windows-based management environment and enable the Mac to be viewed as, and to act as, a peer to Windows in an enterprise. At the same time, they are specifically designed to maintain the Mac experience for users even as they interface with the Windows infrastructure. Using the solutions from EDA companies, IT administrators can deliver the same standards of service, maintain uniform client configuration, make the same file services and print queues available, and enforce the same security controls and compliance policies for both Mac and Windows systems. Member companies include Absolute Software, Centrify, GroupLogic, and Web Help Desk. For more information, visit our web site.