Super-Efficient Mac App Takes Over Slew of Annoying Tasks

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[] Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Oomph (formerly, today is excited to announce the release of "Sidekick" a Mac application that automatically updates laptop settings based on where you are. Formerly known as "NetworkLocation", this app was an Apple Staff Pick, made it on the Macworld Laptop Gems list, and the latest version is now available for a free 30 day trial. Download Sidekick 4.0 now.

What Does Sidekick Do?
Sidekick controls a variety of settings on your Mac laptop and can auto-adjust them based on your location. It makes your laptop more secure, efficient, portable, and personalized by doing numerous small and tedious tasks for you. Just install Sidekick, configure it for the places you frequent, (home, work, school, the coffee shop, etc.) and never fuss with your settings again.

For example, if you connect to wifi at a coffee shop, you can configure Sidekick to automatically lock your keychain. If you're at the library, Sidekick can automatically adjust your volume to 0%. If you're at work, Sidekick can auto-update your desktop background to something a little more inspiring. If you're out West at the in-laws, Sidekick can automatically switch your time zone. The list goes on and on. Sure you could update these things manually, but that would be annoying.

More Actions Sidekick can automate based on your location:
* Change the Default Printer
* Open a URL
* Change your iChat Status
* Open or Close an Application or Run Script
* Connect to a Server
* Change the System Location
* Start a Time Machine Backup
* Control Time Machine Power
* Play an iTunes Playlist
* Run Command in Terminal
* Change the Default Web Browser
* Control iTunes Equalizer
* Change the Screensaver Settings
* Lock the Keychain
* Control Spaces
* Change the Mail SMTP Servers & Checking Frequency

How does Sidekick work?
Sidekick is an application that quietly runs quietly in the background and can be accessed through your laptop's menu bar. Sidekick detects when you move to a new location, and automatically adjusts your settings however you see fit. If you open up your Mac at a place you've never been to before, you can use an existing Sidekick configuration, or set up a new one to suit your surroundings.

The History of Sidekick:
Sidekick (formerly NetworkLocation) was born in a faraway land called Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It started off as a simple set of Applescripts the developers used to make their lives a bit easier. They continued to develop the app and eventually decided to share their creation with the world. Several versions passed, and with a full rebrand the app became "Sidekick", complete with a fancy new design and easy-to-use interface. Sidekick is more powerful, extremely user-friend- ly, and boasts the same beloved NetworkLocation functionality plus a few extras.

How much does Sidekick cost?
Sidekick is free to try for 30 days. After that, it costs a measly $29 (USD). For an app you'll use almost every day of your life, that's not too shabby.

Since 2005, Oomph (formerly has been creating and supporting fun, intuitive software for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. They're a small, independent shop, hell-bent on creating phenomenal world-class software. They're smitten with their three core principles: effortless usability, luscious design, and rock-solid functionality and believe these ingredients are the recipe for exceptional Mac software - where quality forever wins over quantity. Oomph is continuously fine-tuning their methods and practices, keeping pace with the exciting advancements in Mac software development. Oomph is a Canadian owned company, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Copyright (C) 2011 Oomph. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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