Passenger 4 gets major interface rework and home folder tools

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[] Antioch, Illinois - MacinMind Software today is glad to announce the immediate availability of Passenger 4. This major version update gives this Mac server utility a more open workflow interface and two new features to help administrators of Mac OS X servers manage imports and maintain accounts for hundreds and thousands of users. This version includes two new tools: Distributor which distributes files to home folders and Archiver which selectively zips home folders for archival. The popular tool Permissions is improved to allow more customization of the command line arguments and is now set to use sudo so root access is no longer needed.

Since the beginning of Mac OS X, thousands of server admins have made Passenger their essential tool. With name concatenation and admin reproducible passwords by algorithm, Passenger can take thousands of rows of data for users to produce accounts in Mac OS X Server in a matter of minutes where otherwise it could take hours or days to manually enter them. Server admins can set permissions in batch for home directories and even produce shell scripts for daily permission maintenance.

What's new:
* Reworked main interface, combining most of the main modules into a single window
* Added Distributor and Archiver
* Permissions now allows custom arguments
* Permissions now uses sudo so root account credentials are not needed
* Added support for multiple group import using a comma delimited field and/or more groups(s) fields and added support for multiple group export for Mac OS X and Custom Text exports
* Now allows periods in first short names to be be consistent with the Apple fix to Workgroup Manager which also now allows it to import
* Now uses Sparkle for in-app updates

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.7 (Lion)
* Server tools are required to import users into Mac OS X Server

Pricing and Availability:
Passenger 4 is $60.00 (USD) for Standard Edition with a 150 row per import limit and $119.00 for Professional with no import limit. Passenger 4 is a free update for all users who purchased in the last year, since August 1, 2010. An upgrade license is available to all previously registered users for just $25.00 for Standard Edition and $59.00 for Professional Edition. See the MacinMind Software website to read more or to try Passenger.

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