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[prMac.com] Bangalore, India - Chikitsu has introduced Drop Cop 1.0, for iPhone and iPad. Aqua City has seen its worst. Is it sure not the city that we grew up with flowing streams of clear blue water, fountains of golden drops and unlimited supply of chocolate milk drops. The peace and tranquility of the city has been replaced with flood and delude of teardrops. Blue and Golden drops have been replaced with bomb drops, creating chaos and urgency in everything we do. With the ever-increasing flood of crime, people are afraid to trickle out and hence getting bored at home without any fun. It sure would be a miracle to bring back the fun filled glittering days of Aqua City. Alas, it will remain a 'miracle', just an item on our bucket lists.

Where is the hero when you really need one? While the whole world searches for the hero, there was a leak from Roofer News Agency: A new Cop is on the prop. Rumor on the floor is that he wears Red and wants to keep drops off our streets. He wants to catch drops and arrest their flow. From his past cleanup scorecard, this Cop has gone from strength to strength. He sets himself milestones and uses them to learn and unlock tricks. He then uses the same tricks and secrets to score more Drops. All the while he is building up more speed and pacing towards his final victory.

Can he do the same in Aqua City? Can 'Drop Cop' unlock the keys to wipe the city clean? Can he catch all the drops and put them to rest? Only time will tell.

While Drop Cop is catching Drops, how can you help, you say! Lets give our full support to Drop Cop; lets buy into Drop Cop and his ideas. Drop cop wants you to go out, go shopping, especially to the Apple App Store and have some fun. Getting in touch with Drop Cop is easy. He is 24/7/365 Available on the App Store, just a click away on your iPod touch, iPhone & iPad. Go on and have fun!

Drop Cop : Cop that pops the drops!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 6.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Drop Cop 1.0 for iPhone and iPad is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Disclaimer - All the characters in the story are fictional, any resemblance to real world characters is just a coincidence.

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