Brosix File Transfer for Quick and Easy Sharing

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[] Plovdiv, Bulgaria - One of the top features of Brosix Instant Messaging is the File Transfer tool. With this, users are able to transfer a file or group of files to those on their contact list. By automatically compressing files on the fly, users do not have to worry about any additional work. This technology speeds up the transfer process while reducing the amount of bandwidth used. Data encryption is applied to all file transfers to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere for both sending and receiving files.

"Through the use of Brosix File Transfer users are able to send and receive files with ease and security," Stefan Chekanov, Owner of Brosix said. "Our users have found this to be more effective and efficient than email - not to mention, a safer alternative."

The File Transfer feature is easy to initiate and there is no limit on how many files can be sent and received. With drag and drop capability, files can be selected and transferred with a single click of the mouse. This is in addition to a completion bar showing the rate at which the file(s) are being sent and/or received. Brosix File Transfer is a free feature. For more information or to view screenshots, visit Brosix online.

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