Moving Tales Release Upgrades for The Pedlar Lady and The Unwanted Guest

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[] Vancouver, Canada - Moving Tales Inc., producers of innovative 3D Animated Storybook Apps, have released upgrades for the iPad and iPhone versions of 'The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross' and 'The Unwanted Guest' apps.

The 'The Pedlar Lady' and 'The Unwanted Guest' upgrades include additional functionality and content. Now the user can choose to lock the dynamic text in place, thus disabling the accelerometer's effect, and the user can link directly to the App Store to buy additional content from within the app themselves. In addition, there is now more of an explicit visual link between the first three Classic World Tales by including characters and new elements that interconnect the first three stories.

"The first three tales form a trilogy - interconnected in terms of content, style, location, and presentation." says Moving Tales founder Matthew Talbot-Kelly. "Each have been realized by the same creative team, using the same techniques, in the same carefully considered manner. Though the tales are each quite different, they are each based on age-old narrative threads, so they share a similar spirit and intent."

Following up on their genre defining 'Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross' and 'The Unwanted Guest' animated storytelling apps, last month Moving Tales' released the third story in the trilogy, 'This Too Shall Pass'. 'This Too Shall Pass' is inspired from Persian, Buddhist and Jewish sources, and is also garnering rave reviews. It tells the tale of a noble but disenchanted King searching for some lasting truth.

"With these upgrades to the apps, we have concluded the phase one development of our book engine." says Moving Tales' founder and creative director Matthew Talbot-Kelly. "This is a sophisticated, subtle and profoundly interactive engine. Importantly, there is no gimmickry that gets in the way of our primary purpose - delivering our top quality original content in a compelling way."

Each of the Classic World Tales stories, features film-caliber, sophisticated 3D animation and text, original music and evocative filmic sound effects. The App's dynamic typographic layouts can be animated using the device's accelerometer, incorporate randomly selected alternate perspectives to ensure no two viewings are alike, use Cover Flow-like navigation and include compelling, poetic voice-over narratives and text in English, Spanish and French. In addition, the user can record their own voice reading the story to be played back with the sound effects and music.

"Looking at the larger Moving Tales' picture, we are developing a number of exciting initiatives. We will soon release of our first ePub 3.0 eBook, with read aloud functionality. We are working on the second phase development of our book engine, which will be introduced with our next tale 'The Too Crowded Caravan'. And we are developing a new more broadly based content engine which is designed around our upcoming Nick Bantock collaboration 'Dr Caligari's Cabinet of Curiosities'." says Talbot-Kelly

Classic World Tales Series:
Classic World Tales are a series of stories of transformation, truth, drama and humor. Using a state-of-the-art digital 'mash-up' of methods from the worlds of ebook publishing, graphic novels, film and interactive media, Moving Tales establishes a truly original and engaging new world of storytelling.

Next In The Series:
The Crowded Caravan - Loosely based on a traditional folktale, this story is of a man at his wits end due to his small house being unable to accommodate his family's needs. We've relocated our version to a trailer on the edge of town overlooking the sea, where the man journeys to seek council with the wise woman.

Pricing and Availability:
Each of the Moving Tales' apps are available for iPad for $6.99 and iPhone/iPod touch for $4.99 at the App Store in the Books category.

Located in Vancouver, Canada, Moving Tales Inc. (TM) was established by President and Founder, Matthew Talbot-Kelly. Moving Tales Inc. makes quality animated Storybook apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Moving Tales presents the Classic World Tales series - each story is an imaginative interpretation and adaptation inspired by age-old folk tales, archetypal yarns, and legends from around the world. These are age-old tales of transformation, truth, drama and humour. Copyright (C) 2011 Moving Tales Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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