ExactScan Pro 2.15 - Automatic Rotation makes it so easy

August 10, 2011 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] Berlin, Germany - ExactCODE GmbH today is pleased to announce the next major update of the professional version of ExactScan 2. This version 2.15 focuses on the topic to rotate documents easy and fast to achieve the best scan results in short time. Whether book scanning or scanning a bunch of sheets without sorting the documents or recipes before - ExactScan can help smoothing your workflow.

The technology of automatic rotation analysis the content of your scanned documents and corrects the document to their proper orientation. This functionality helps you to avoid manually sorting your papers before and after the scan. In addition it prepares the documents for the text recognition and thereby improves recognition results of the searchable PDF document. This new feature helps you to save time and it has never become so easy to get start with your paperless office.

Another new feature in ExactScan Pro is the multi-feed detection recognized by the scanner's ultrasonic technology. Once activated for a scan it informs the user if the scanner scanned two or more papers at a time. Especially helpful for important documents such as contracts, invoices, insurance papers or multilateral letters where it is from significant importance that the scanned document correlates to the original document.

All those new features in ExactScan Pro can assist you during your daily scan workflow and contributes for more reliability of your documents and increases the quality for your archiving.

ExactScan is popular for being a modern and easy to use Mac OS X scan software with built-in drivers for over 230 document scanners, including devices from Avision, Kodak, Oki, Visioneer and Xerox. The drivers built into ExactScan allow to use these PC document scanners on a Mac. The software allows to scan with a fingertip, comfortable directly with a press of a button from the scanner hardware as well as offering an intuitive user interface. ExactCODE continues to provide automated and intelligent document scanning for the Macintosh.

Since 2.10 ExactScan contains a TWAIN bridge to enable third party applications to utilize ExactScan's built-in drivers and image processing. Additionally the new version adds intelligent de-skew flatbed scans, as well as support for various new scanners models, improved scan speed and more OCR languages.

Abroad or in a workgroup: ExactScan's built-in scanner drivers cover the whole range, from Visioneer's portable RoadWarrior to dependable workgroup scanners from Xerox, Visioneer, Kodak, and Avision. ExactScan is the universal Mac solutions everywhere. It allows for easy scanning of business cards, bills and receipts and ExactScan Pro's built-in OCR can directly save them as searchable PDFs.

What is new in ExactScan Pro 2.15?
* Support to automatically rotate based on text content
* Ultrasonic multi-feed detection
* Built-in drivers to support even more, new scanners
* Fixed progress information not to disappear with certain settings
* Improved support and scan speed for some supported scanners
* Improved support for certain, rare scanner error conditions
* Improved auto-crop & de-skew accuracy
* Improved OCR recognition accuracy and stability
* Improved user-interface translations
* Many other improvements

With the built-in OCR ExactScan Pro allows to recognize the text in images and transform scans to editable and searchable documents. More accurate and faster than before. Together with the Mac OS X Spotlight desktop indexing system ExactScan Pro allows to quickly find and retrieve archived documents.

ExactScan Pro's Barcode recognition brings even more professional AutoID features to the Mac. During the scan process it can automatically recognize common barcodes and embed their content into the document or use it for the filing destination.

All versions of ExactScan include advanced image processing algorithms, for example the intelligent black/white thresholding and blank page detection can help to decrease storage space required for the archive, while the auto-corp and de-skew can recognize the page and skew for a perfect image representations of the original page.

ExactScan include various other facilities to help organizing the office workflow: It can scan directly to any attached printer and comes with the smart profile preset, such as: Scan 2 PDF, Scan 2 Print (Copy), Scan 2 Email - the user can start right away.

Via the new and unique TWAIN Bridge ExactScan allows to use the scanners, supported by the built-in drivers from third party TWAIN applications, such as Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office just like classic TWAIN drivers from the original manufacture. This way ExactScan is a full driver substitute for PC scanners otherwise missing a Mac driver.

Due to the TWAIN compatibility, ExactScan supports even more scanners - enabling more users to take advantage of the advanced ExactScan features on top of the basic vendor drivers. On the other hand the new TWAIN Bridge allows third party applications access to ExactScan's built-in scanner drivers.

The support of AppleScript allows professionals to create dedicated solutions for specific, even difficult workflows and to scan directly into a database.

ExactScan comes with support for many languages (English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified-Chinese, Traditional-Chinese) and works with Apple Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 as well as with the 'Snow Leopard' version 10.6.

Pricing and Availability:
ExactScan 2 is available for EUR 89.90 and ExactScan 2 Pro for EUR 109.90 online, Apple's Mac App Store and several distributors and resellers world-wide. Upgrades from previous versions are available for EUR 49.90, and upgrades to the Pro version for EUR 29.90.

ExactCODE GmbH is a research and development company located in Berlin, Germany. The founders have more than 10 years experience in porting the GNU Compiler Compilation, Linux and micro-kernel and a strong background in various other Open Source projects, low-level system software and scientific background. With skills in system and application software development and hardware design, as well as system administration and deployment, ExactCODE creates individual and award winning products combining existing software modules with new solutions developed dedicated for the contracted purpose. The key focus lies on real-time, digital signal processing, multimedia applications and communication solutions. Avision and all other registered names are trademarks of their respective owners.