Zoomable Media releases Deadball Heroes, richly enhanced for iBooks

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[prMac.com] Little Falls, Minnesota - Zoomable Media has announced the release of Deadball Heroes for Apple's iBooks app on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Deadball Heroes is an electronic book detailing the lives of dozens of late 19th and early 20th century baseball pioneers, enhancing their colorful stories with hundreds of high-resolution, touch-zoomable early tobacco card images drawn from the US Library of Congress collection.

Deadball Heroes is a zoomable, explorable look at baseball's first professional superstars, the heroes on the field from roughly 1870 through 1920. These are the men who took baseball from its beginnings as a hobby, through its formative stages, into and beyond its "deadball" era, and along the way fashioned it into America's Pastime. These were times of nicknames, strong personalities, and amazing feats on the field. Beginning with bare hands and the formation of the "inside game," where every trick had to be played to get on base, and every run had to be manufactured, this journey ends with a man named Babe Ruth waiting in the wings to lift the game to even greater heights.

The fifty years covered by Deadball Heroes were a time when baseball games were low-scoring affairs with few home runs. Baseball at this time was a game of strategy, using techniques we now call small ball, inside baseball, or the "inside game." This was a time for running speed. Ballparks were large, and the ball was, literally, "dead." The ball itself was less lively in construction than the modern ball; also, to save on expenses, balls were often used until they were soft, squishy, and falling apart. It was difficult to get a hit with such a ball, let alone hit one out of the park.

Nowhere in this book will you find much about Babe Ruth, for although he played in the league during the later deadball era (largely as a solid pitcher), his greatest contributions to the game were to begin in 1920 with his move to the Yankees, and in his electrifying switch to becoming the greatest power hitter the game has ever known. But that is another game for another time. The players represented here tell the story of the "inside game" that first made baseball modern.

Deadball Heroes is available for $4.99 USD from the iTunes and iBooks stores. More information and sample screen shots can be found at on our website.

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