Brosix's Users Activity Log Helps Administrator Supervise Users

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[] New York City, New York - Brosix Instant Messenger has several unique features that it offers its personal and enterprise clients, including Screenshot, Co-Browse, and more. One of the most unique features that Brosix offers its enterprise clients is the Users Activity Log, which isn't available in the personal (free) version.

The Users Activity Log allows Brosix network administrators at the company level to monitor employee or user activities on Brosix Instant Messenger. Because this is required by law in some countries, this feature makes it easy for businesses to monitor their employees without requiring additional reports or manual checking by managers. Company policy may also require monitoring for security purposes, so this feature makes Brosix more secure than ever.

The information that is recorded in the activity logs includes text chats, file transfers, voice calls, and more. The text chats are the only feature that is completely transcribed, whereas the other features are simply noted in the log. Users Activity Logs are kept of Brosix's servers for 3 months, and are then deleted. Additionally, all logs are archived and kept on Brosix's servers for 12 months before being deleted. The company instant messenger network owner receives access to the log - other users cannot access it.

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