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[] Los Angeles, California - Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids 1.0 for iOS, provides a feature-rich, entertainment based, educational App Book that offers children an immersive, personalized experience of color, sights, sounds and wonders. Cowboys & Aliens: The Kids, the interactive children's application was produced by Chris Adams, written by NY Times Best Selling Author and creator of Platinum Studios' "Cowboys and Aliens" Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and developed by leading LA Application Development firm ISBX. Orbit has partnered with Starlight Children's Foundation and will donate $0.25 of every App downloaded to help seriously ill children and their families live better lives.

Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids introduces the storyline of how the kids of the Cowboys, Native Americans and Aliens meet, play, and share while their parents are away battling for the future of the world.

The characters, Tymm, TC, and Luke meet each other, play with toys and finally find common ground across race, color, creed, language, and species. The storybook features activities such as individualized narration, coloring and painting, and animation and picture manipulation throughout a storyline that encourages friendship through sharing. This groundbreaking application, inspired by the popular comic book and recent film, encourages reading, painting and sharing via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

"We are very proud of Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids, and we are confident that kids, their parents, friends, siblings, and grandparents will all enjoy the story and the different activities," said Orbit's Chris Adams.

The innovative App Book, displayed in landscape orientation, consists of 22 pages and each contains one comic book style image. The artwork, created by Platinum Studios, has all the power of great comic book art, but the images are self-illuminated, bringing them to life. All art features multi-plane animation, so that panning produces the most movement in the foreground layer, the least in the background layer, and the appropriate movement in intermediary layers. This 2.5D animation (pans, zooms, cranes, etc.) begins as soon as the page opens, and when it ends, the simpler, 2D animation loops continuously. And as a Universal app, it displays optimized, smooth, vector graphics and text on all iOS devices.

Feature Highlights:
* Interactive, animated App Book provides a positive entertainment and educational experience for kids
* Inspired by the popular comic book and recent film "Cowboys & Aliens" and written by its creator
* Tells the story of what their kids were doing while their parent's battled for the future of the Earth
* Encourages kids to read along with animated text and spoken narration
* Provides kids with activities on every page
* Kids can make their own version of the book by coloring in the B/W line art
* Readers can customize every page of the book with their own voice as narrator
* Children can participate in the story, seeing their own face as one of the characters
* In-app connectivity allows kids and parents to post creations on Facebook or Twitter
* Universal application displays perfectly on every iOS device

At the bottom of each page is a single line of text that can be heard spoken aloud by touching the Play button. As each word is spoken, it changes color and seems to jump off the page in perfect sync with the narrator, Chris Adams. Kids can tap once on any word to hear it again, or tap twice to hear it spoken and then spelled aloud. The app incorporates convincing sound effects, and encourages kids to experiment by touching the various characters and objects in each image, exploring for hidden or partially hidden surprises.

Touching the green Menu button brings down a tab bar from the top of the screen. Touching the Paint icon activates a page peel transition that reveals the image on that page with all color removed. Kids now have a line art, coloring book image to paint in using the in-app painting function. Using a variable width brush, eraser, and a variety of colors, readers can create their own customized version of the comic book page, which can be saved and displayed in place of the original or deleted at any time. Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids also includes in-app Facebook, Twitter, and email connectivity so parents can share their childrens' artistic achievements.

The Record icon lets kids record their own narration on each page, which can be substituted for the original or reset at any time. The You icon allows readers to choose any character, Settler, Native American, or Space Alien, and have a photo of their own face become the character's face throughout the book. Finally, the Pages icon opens a scrolling horizontal window containing thumbnail images from every page of the book, and users can touch any image to go directly to that page.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Universal application
* iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
* 75.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Cowboys and Aliens: The Kids 1.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.

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