Client Folder Maker 4 for OS X - Folder Creation and Management Utility

August 22, 2011 in Utility (E)

[] Lake Dallas, Texas - GeekSuit today is pleased to announce Client Folder Maker 4.0 for Mac OS X, a major update to their popular folder creation and management utility. Designed to automate the process of starting a new job folder for a client, this productivity tool will generate any hierarchy of documents and support folders that are preset by the user. Client Folder Maker supports unlimited hierarchy templates or presets, and is ideal for desktop publishers, attorneys, prepress operators, consultants, web designers, and others who regularly create new job folders for their clients. Easily invoked via a Menu Item, or Keyboard shortcut, the utility also accommodates auto-incrementing and limited AppleScript, PHP, Bash, and Shell scripts within presets.

Client Folder Maker was developed as a simple, unobtrusive solution to help Mac-based professionals be more productive. Now implemented as a standalone application, Client Folder Maker can be invoked via a convenient Menu Item, Keyboard shortcut. Users simply fill in the Client Name and Job Number text fields, and hit the Create Folder button. Client Folder Maker will faithfully create a preset folder hierarchy based on the client's name and job number, with all the support folders inside. CFM utilizes a very simple method for building up custom, nested hierarchies for any type of job or service. Users can easily add, rename, or delete folders in the hierarchy, as well as support documents and/or other files.

Feature Highlights:
* Powerful utility for creating custom folder hierarchies
* Application can run either in the Dock or Menu Item
* Can be invoked via Menu Item, or Keyboard shortcut
* Limitless customization
* User-definable variables
* Colored labels
* Custom folder views
* Auto-incrementing variables
* Import/export settings via drag/drop
* Preset descriptions
* Custom permissions
* Limited Scriptability
* File content copying

Client Folder Maker is extremely flexible; default presets are not limited to Client Name and Job Number. With support for unlimited tag variables, users can customize their client folders however they wish. Any word or phrase enclosed in braces can be used as a tag. This productively enhancement tool includes default presets for print layout and design professionals and prepress operators, as well as presets for web designers. These can be easily modified to suit the individual needs of the user.

Among Client Folder Maker's most useful features is its ability to import and export Presets via Drag & Drop. You can drag any Preset to the Desktop for setting up another machine, to save and archive, or even to email friends and colleagues. Existing Presets may also be sorted in any way in the list. You can also add useful descriptions for each Preset to better describe its use under different conditions. Client Folder Maker ships with default Presents for the design or prepress minded, as well as a simple website structure for web developers. Both have their own unique tag variables, but can easily be customized for any working environment.

Users can also auto-import content from existing source files. This feature makes it easy to copy the contents from any text file into a newly created file at the time a hierarchy is created. Effortlessly create custom HTML markup, jQuery or CSS files, and insert that content info newly created folder/file hierarchies on-the-fly.

Additional features include setting permissions on files and folders, helpful for web designers who often build very structured folder directories that have repeatable content and file/folder permissions.

"Client Folder Maker is the perfect solution for any Mac user who provides a service and creates new job folders for their clients," stated GeekSuit CEO Ray Barber. "With CFM, professionals in any field can instantly create customized client folders containing preset folders and documents arranged in the preset hierarchical structure."

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later
* 2.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Client Folder Maker 4.0 is only $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies), and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category. The full version of Client Folder Maker 4.0 is also available as a 15-day free trial, which can be downloaded directly from Client Folder Maker online.

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