The Universal Prompter Helps To Conquer Fear Of Public Speaking

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[] Herceg Novi, Montenegro - Orjen Solutions today announced new members of Universal Prompter family of apps for iPhone and iPad. Universal Prompter Pro and Universal Prompter Pro HD are intelligible and easy-to-use tools that assists with the preparation and delivery of public speaking engagements. These apps can be used for rehearsing and delivering discourse, lectures, addresses, or any other public speeches. Furthermore, they can helps to study poems or foreign language texts, prepare to perform keynote addresses, or even learn a part in a play or dramatic presentation.

A user's passion for the iDevice causes "Trust to best friend" phenomena, that, in turn, allows users of the Universal Prompter to conquer public speaking anxiety and deliver speeches to audience with confidence. Growing popularity of the Read-n-Talk Universal Prompter - previously released ad-supported free version of the app, downloaded tens of thousand times and updated to version 2.0 today - is the clear confirmation of that fact.

In contrast to similar iOS apps, available on AppStore, the Universal Prompter allows to track and control time of a speech on very initial stage, while preparing the speech's text. As a result, the speech will always stay within the confines of the time allotted. Another distinctive features of the app - extremely smooth text flow - not only provides users with comfort reading, but also minimize a chance to lose a lines while wandering to the audience. Import of text from such apps as Mail, DropBox, text editors, etc. - one more significant function of the Universal Prompter Pro.

* Automatic text scrolling saves you from having to turn over pages or scroll through text manually
* Text flow speed tuning provides convenient reading
* Change reading speed by slider and track how fast text flows on screen
* Displaying estimated total and remaining reading time according with chosen speed
* Automatic syncing of texts with a computer using iTunes
* Import of text files from Mail's attachments, DropBox and other apps
* Input text with keyboard
* Paste text, copied from other apps
* Smooth text flow
* Launching app from previous completion point
* Moving text manually, if needed
* Multiple texts storing capability
* Very large texts support
* Suitable font name and size selection
* Night mode support (dark background with light text)
* May be used as simple raw text reader with flexible font adjustment
* Localized to Russian

Read-n-Talk Universal Prompter contains commercials ad banners and do not supports import from other apps.

Minimum Requirements:

Universal Prompter Pro HD:
* iPad
* iOS 4.2 or higher
* 0.4 MB of memory

Universal Prompter Pro:
* iPhone or iPod touch 3G
* iOS 4.2 or higher
* 0.5 MB of memory

Read-n-Talk Universal Prompter:
* iPhone or iPod touch 3G
* iOS 4.2 or higher
* 0.7 MB of memory

Pricing and Availability
All members of Universal Prompter family of apps available exclusively at Apple AppStore worldwide:
* Universal Prompter Pro HD is only $2.99 in Business category
* Universal Prompter Pro is only $1.99 in Productivity category
* Read-n-Talk Universal Prompter is free in Education category

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