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[] Madrid, Spain - Independent app developer, Soldier Bulls, today is pleased to announce their first game, Killing Killers on the App Store for all iOS devices. Killing Killers is a 3rd person slingshot game where you combat "killer" after "killer" and try to shoot him before he passes your slingshot. The weapons are funny; grenades, zombies, fire, What? ... even two inspired by social networks; "fakebook" and "tweets" weapons. High definition colorful graphics and hilarious cartoons make this game different from the rest.

Is a reflex game; each killer runs faster and faster and you have to administrate your ammo. If you neglect the killer passes and you loose. During the gameplay and depending of your record new weapons are unlocked. The game has also Game Center integration to submit your highscore. There are up to four unlockable scenes that you can unlock accumulating points; Hills, Snow, Inferno and Heaven. Don't doubt this game will make you laugh!

All the deaths and drawings has some kind of significance for the developer, Juan Almazan. Comics, internet, movies, famous videogames, TV, etc. Even the killer face is very similar to his father (a good man, don't think bad!). It took about 8 months to finish the game, more than the habitual time, because Juan did all only by himself and learned how to do Apps at the same time. He wants to study "Videogames Design and Development" at the Camilo Jose Cela university in Madrid (Spain), but he needs 30000 Euro to accomplish it ... Will he get it?

Pricing and Availability:
There are two full versions at $0.99 (USD): Killing Killers (for iPhone) and Killing Killers HD (for iPad). Two Lite versions (for free); Killing Killers Lite and Killing Killers HD Lite. And also two free promotional games: Killing Killers Puzzle and Killing Killers Puzzle HD.

All the cartoons and animations, the music and the code was made by one person; Juan Almazan, a 21 years old spanish boy, CEO and founder of Soldier Bulls, a company of videogames. Killing Killers has been made with almost no budget and a lot of work, but the intention is to make new and better games in the future if the thing goes right. In fact, he is currently working on two amazing projects that will see the light at the end of this year. Copyright (C) 2011 Soldier Bulls SL. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.



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