Brosix Features Control Allows Admins Greater User Management

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[] Plovdiv, Bulgaria - Brosix Features Control is a unique attribute to the enterprise only version of Brosix Instant Messenger. The enterprise only version of Brosix gives customers a private instant messaging network that works on an encrypted server. Only users that are given access to the instant messaging network are allowed to use it.

Each Brosix Enterprise network has a designated administrator, who has the ability to manage users, read user activity logs, set welcome messages that are viewed when a user logs on to the Brosix program, and to control the features available to certain users (Features Control). "This unique feature allows administrators to enable or disable many features," Stefan Chekanov, owner of Brosix, said. "Text chat, file transfer, voice chat, video chat, or most of the other features that are available for use in the Brosix program can be modified". The Features Control is useful for companies that have separate departments with different needs. For example, the marketing department doesn't necessarily need the voice and video chat features, but these features might be useful for the sales department.

Additionally, the features can be enabled or disabled for security reasons. The file transfer could be a security liability for user who has a laptop that they take home or if computer equipment has been stolen and the user needs to be disabled from all features and instant messaging network. Bulgaria. Brosix Instant Messenger can be run on Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and Web and supports Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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