iPhone developers create solution to simplify multi-app photo-editing

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[prMac.com] Vancouver, BC, Canada and Sao Paulo, Brazil - PocketPixels and CodeCrop are pleased to announce the PhotoAppLink initiative and the release of the open-source PhotoAppLink library. PhotoAppLink allows users to easily edit an image using multiple photo-editing apps by providing a mechanism to send an image from one app to the next. The feature is available immediately in these apps: Snap!, Color Splash, Simply B&W, PicTools, AutoStitch, TrueHDR, Juxtaposer, Click! and Photogene.

Given the large number of high quality photography apps for iOS, users now have more ways than ever before to capture and edit images. Some of the best photography apps do one thing only but do it well. Thus, users often use multiple apps to process a single image. For example a user might take a picture using an HDR camera app, apply some effects using a second app, then crop it and add a nifty border in a third app, and finally share the image using the latest social-networking app.

But getting an image from one app to the next is tedious. When switching apps the user must save the edited image to the camera roll, quit the current app, launch the next and then load up the intermediate image before continuing to edit it.

So a group of app developers got together and found a way to solve this problem with PhotoAppLink. The user simply selects another compatible app in the PhotoAppLink interface, which launches it and transfers the image from the previous app to the new, allowing the user to immediately continue editing. This avoids littering the camera roll with intermediate images and provides a much better user experience.

PhotoAppLink apps automatically detect other compatible apps installed on the user's device and present them in a user-friendly interface, which also offers a separate list of additional compatible apps the user doesn't yet have. This makes it easy to find more apps that support this simplified workflow.

PhotoAppLink was conceived and developed by PocketPixels and CodeCrop. It is implemented as an open-source library that is available on GitHub. The library is well documented and easy to integrate into existing apps.

Several prominent developers already have committed to adding PhotoAppLink support in updates to their iOS photography apps in the near future. Apps already confirmed include PaperCamera, PhotoToaster, ColorBlast!, Color Range and MobileMonet. Other developers will be sure to join when they see the benefits PhotoAppLink will bring to their users.

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