DocsFlow 7.0 for InDesign - Link Online Google Docs to InDesign Layouts

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[] Scio, Ohio - Em Software today is pleased to announce DocsFlow 7.0 for Mac OS and Windows, their plug-in for Adobe InDesign that dynamically links online Google Docs with InDesign layouts in progress. Integrating the popular, free Google Docs application, a basic text editor that allows multiple users to collaborate on and edit the same online document, DocsFlow enables an ideal editorial workflow. The active link between the successive drafts of the text and the story as it appears in the formatted InDesign layout allows writers, editors, and designers to work, individually or collaboratively, all at the same time.

DocsFlow represents a new, affordable approach to professional desktop publishing that eliminates the confusion and bottlenecks of traditional methods. Typically, stories to be published using InDesign have to be collected as document files and shared via email or Dropbox. Keeping track of comments, changes, suggestions, etc. becomes a nightmare of importing, exporting, comparing, and re-writing.

With DocsFlow, any number of collaborators can share Google Docs documents with the user and edit them on the web, even collaborating in real-time on the documents. Once a source Google Docs document is linked with an InDesign story, layout users will be immediately alerted to any edits that occur in the Google Docs content. And by double-clicking on the source-changed icon in the InDesign Links palette, all changes can be merged into the story automatically, via DocsFlow's powerful, 3-way merge (of the current story contents, the previous Google Docs document, and the current Google Docs document). If there is a chance of collisions in the editing process, users can check the Story Editor to see who changed what, and how those changes fit in (or not) with the local story edits.

Conveniently, most of the text-level formatting done in Google Docs will import into InDesign intact, and Google Docs' block-level styles are mapped to default InDesign styles. Designers can control the basic character and paragraph-level style mapping using DocsFlow's Import Options when placing.

DocsFlow is not designed to compete with Adobe's own InCopy application directly. Rather, DocsFlow works best when the bulk of the editing will be done in Google Docs, with minor edits and all page formatting and layout occurring within InDesign. DocsFlow's main advantage is that everyone involved can see and edit the original copy in real-time on Google Docs, at no cost per user. And by editing content and design separately, writers are free to concentrate on the story, not the unrelated details of layout and formatting.

Feature Highlights:
* Plug-in for Adobe InDesign CS5/5.5, Mac OS and Windows
* Integrates the free text editor, Google Docs, into the desktop publishing process
* Google Docs is free and allows multiple users to edit an online document simultaneously
* DocsFlow creates a dynamic link from the Google Docs text to the InDesign layout
* Stories can be edited and updated easily by double clicking in the InDesign Links palette
* DocsFlow keeps content issues separated from layout details
* No learning curve - sign in to Google Docs and start working, using normal InDesign linking machinery

"DocsFlow marries the collaborative editing power of Google Docs to the layout power of InDesign," stated Chris Ryland of Em Software. "DocsFlow maintains a dynamic link, so it can intelligently merge Google Docs document changes into the InDesign story contents on each link update, rather than just replacing them. We're convinced DocsFlow will change the landscape of collaborative publishing."

System Requirements Mac OS:
* Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
* Multicore Intel processor
* Adobe InDesign CS5 or 5.5
* 10 MB

System Requirements Windows:
* Windows XP SP2, Vista, or Windows 7
* Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor
* Adobe InDesign CS5 or 5.5
* 10 MB

Pricing and Availability:
DocsFlow 7.0 (for Adobe InDesign CS5/5.5, Mac OS and Windows) is $200.00 (USD) and available for purchase and download directly from Em Software. Review copies are available upon request.

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