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[prMac.com] Yorkshire, United Kingdom - Ever wanted to create your own text adventure / interactive fiction games like Zork, Adventure or old Sierra games? Well Orta Therox has got your back and done nearly all the hard work for you. Created initially as a learning aid for kids new to objective-c and programming whilst the author was teaching at a summer camp in Princeton, its a great way to dip your feet into programming for the iPhone. You just get to concentrate on making the game!

Wibble Quest is an iOS Text Adventure Game Framework with a simple object oriented API for: Objects, Rooms, People, Items, Stores and Creatures to fight. Wibble Quest will help you make a Text Adventure game very very quickly, and will help you scale to a complex game with ease. It's only one line in the terminal to get yourself up and started with your own project.

Wibble Quest has been tested by hordes of teenagers with all sorts of strange desires in their games ("You pick up the nuclear squirrel, it contaminates you. Oops you died!") if it's flexible enough for nuclear squirrels, it's flexible enough for anything you're interested in.

Wibble Quest comes with a built in system that can run through your game for you, allowing you to spend more time thinking about the game than inputting the same commands over and over again. The Wibble Quest API is a modern block based system, meaning you can spend less time creating classes, including headers, importing them, and more time writing your game. It comes with 2 fully working games so you have working reference implementations to look at how they tick.

The project is well documented on its website, and comes with tutorials to help you get Wibbling quickly. Wibble Quest is an open source project, with an active and friendly developer. You can follow updates on twitter as @wibblequest or the author @orta.

Orta Therox has programmed for a decade, and done iPhone development since it was possible. He made a few open source physics games for cocos2d whilst it was still in its infancy, and has worked with iOS ever since. He's had games in the top 100 and contributed code to books on Amazon. Copyright (C) 2011 Orta Therox. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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