Presence 2.7 removes fees, makes it easier to put your Mac in the cloud

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[] Wellington, New Zealand - Flying Mac announces Presence 2.7, a new version of its remote file access application for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Presence is a Mac application that provides secure access to the Mac's files from anywhere on the internet. Access is by web browser from any Mac or PC using a simple, unchanging URL, and by iPhone and iPad using the iOS app.

Other cloud services copy a selection of files to a third-party server. Presence makes the Mac itself part of the cloud. This means that all the Mac's files are available, and there is no need to decide ahead of time what should be accessible, nor to organise files accordingly. This also avoids slow uploading of large files, and privacy-minded users will appreciate not having to trust another company with their documents.

Security is a high priority in Presence. Access requires the user's login name and password, and all transfers are encrypted. No other services on the Mac are exposed to the internet.

Sharing files and folders with others is simple. Files are shared by sending a link to receiver, who then downloads the files at their leisure. Shares can be protected by a password.

Presence was previously known as FarFinder and was renamed in May 2011.

Changes in version 2.7:

* Presence makes a Mac accessible by automatically configuring the local network and, if this fails, falling back to the developer's EasyConnect service to provide connectivity.

* The new release removes the $5 monthly subscription fee for EasyConnect. EasyConnect users can transfer up to 200 MB a month, free of charge. This is enough for most people, but extra data can be purchased if necessary, with prices starting at $5 for 2 GB.

* Many people can use Presence with no fees at all (other than the initial purchase price) regardless of the amount of data transferred. Presence will configure the local network automatically where possible, allowing direct access to the Mac and avoiding the need for EasyConnect. Even if automatic network configuration fails, a user can still avoid EasyConnect by manually adding the appropriate port mapping to the router. Presence provides help with this, and those with large data requirements are encouraged to investigate if necessary.

* Presence now works first time for most users. These multiple connection options might sound complicated, but Presence chooses between them automatically and most people will not need to make any configuration changes.

* The new release also makes Presence more reliable. Previously, unreliable network equipment could conspire to block connections to the Mac unexpectedly. Presence now detects this situation and cuts over to EasyConnect automatically, ensuring uninterrupted access until the problem can be resolved.

* There are also minor security improvements, including denying login to accounts that have no passwords, making the default installation safer.

Pricing and availability:
Presence costs $40 for a single-user licence or $70 for a family licence; business pricing is available on request. EasyConnect, if required, is free for the first 200 MB transferred each month. Additional data starts at $5 for 2 GB; purchased data does not expire. The iOS app is available in Apple's App Store, free of charge.

Presence comes with a free 20-day trial period.

Presence is available for download exclusively from, ensuring that customers can try the application before purchase. It is the developer's opinion that a free trial period is essential for Presence and, in fact, for all software.

Presence requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher. 10.5 users can use version 1 of Presence, which has fewer features. iOS devices must be running iOS 4.2 or higher.

Flying Mac is run by Adrian Ross, an independent software developer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Copyright (C) 2011 Adrian Ross. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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