Micromat Announces TechTool Protogo 3.0 - Now Lion Compatible

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[prMac.com] Santa Rosa, California - Micromat, Inc. today is pleased to announce the Lion compatible version of TechTool Protogo 3.0. Protogo ships with the Protogo device configuration application, a collection of standard system and utility configurations, plus TechTool Pro 6. When Protogo profiles are installed on a single USB or FireWire device, Protogo can boot, run diagnostics and perform drive repairs on most Macs operating on OS X 10.4.9 or newer.

In this new version, Protogo has been upgraded to run on Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion', yet preserves the flexibility to more add profiles for diagnosing hardware issues and repairing drives on older Macs too. Now a single portable device, such as a small flash drive, old iPod, SD Card or hard drive, can be used to boot, diagnose hardware and repair drives on a variety of Macs at home or at work.

Protogo ships with 8 standard profiles to boot and diagnose Macs with Intel and PPC processors, from minimum boot systems as small as 2 GB which run on devices with limited capacity, up to full Mac OS installs. The time to configure a device may vary by device type and speed, size and number of profiles added and the Macs cpu.

Custom profiles for specific needs can be easily created with just a few clicks. And Protogo allows for complementary third-party software to be added, so additional software such as anti-virus applications can also run on the device. The capability to load custom profiles on a single device can be especially convenient for IT departments that manage multiple Macs.

"Protogo makes life easier for IT departments of businesses that use Macs, because they can now customize multiple profiles on a single flash drive. It's like having a complete toolkit in your shirt pocket," said Christian Pickman, Micromat's Product Manager for Protogo. "Protogo 3.0 will also be helpful to home users with several Macs of different Mac OS's and age, because you can easily run diagnostics on all your machines from a handy flash drive, old iPod or hard drive that's been lying around."

With Protogo you can:
* Easily turn a USB, FireWire or SD device into a bootable, diagnostic toolkit for Mac
* Troubleshoot different Intel and PPC Macs from a single, portable device
* Create custom profiles on the device for troubleshooting multiple Macs
* Backup your Lion Recovery HD for use on another Lion device
* Add complementary utilities to the device
* Use an iPod for both diagnostics and listening to music (non-iOS iPods)
* Run TechTool Pro's comprehensive set of tools to diagnose hardware, rebuild volume directories, repartition hard drives, optimize and defragment hard drive volumes, clone volumes, monitor LAN activity and more

Pricing and Availability:
Protogo 3.0 is available direct by download from Micromat for $129.99 (USD), with $39.99 upgrades for previous users of Protogo, Protege or TechTool Pro 6. Upgrades from TechTool Pro 5 and older, or from Micromat's Diskstudio are $59.99. Specially priced academic versions are $59.99, and can be ordered thru authorized academic resellers by download or direct from Micromat at 707-566-3831. Protogo 3.0 is available direct to resellers worldwide, with localized versions available in Japanese, French, German, and Italian.

Micromat was founded in 1989, and is recognized as an innovator and leader in the development of diagnostics, maintenance and repair for Mac. TechTool is a registered trademark of Micromat, Inc. TechTool Protogo and TechTool Protege are trademarks of Micromat, Inc. Mac and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. All other names are trademarks of their respective holders.


Christian Pickman
Technical Contact