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Pulsar by Big Stone Phone Ships and is Free

Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO    Oct 14, 2008 in Utilities


Big Stone Phone Company, makers of Twittelator Pro, iGraffiti, TalkingPics and Gesture, today released a free party strobe app for the iPhone and iPod Touch named Pulsar. Besides being a ubiquitous flashlight, Pulsar creates a mesmerizing light show, with many options to create different moods.


[] Albuquerque NM - Big Stone Phone today has shipped a brand new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch named "Pulsar". Pulsar V 1.0 is a free pulsing light show application with many options and settings to control the light generated. Use it to set the mood with the slow pulse mode or increase the speed to ultra fast to induce a hypnotic state!

Pulsar Features Include:

Strobe mode:
* * rainbow colors
* * adjustable speed
* * random colors option
* * slow motion setting
* * four different shape options
* * * diamond
* * * star
* * * ellipse
* * * lightning

* * change colors by rotating

Flashlight mode great for:
* * finding the keyhole
* * reading a book at night

* Settings remembered between launches

Big Stone Phone cofounder and CEO of Stone Design Andrew Stone remarked, "I was at a concert and realized how much fun it would be if hundreds of audience members had a mesmerizing app for the iPhone to create an interesting pastiche of ambient light. Use it for meditation and calming the mind or turn it up fast and experience altered states!"

Other titles by Big Stone Phone include: Gesture, Twittelator Pro, iGraffiti and TalkingPics. Visit their website to learn more about our applications for Macintosh and the iPhone.


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Stone Design is a New Mexico based software corporation founded in 1984 by Andrew Stone which has shipped over 20 titles for Mac OS X and its parent operating system, the NeXT, in the last 20 years. Major applications include Create, a page layout and web authoring app, iMaginator for image processing and Videator for video effects and VJ'ing. This year, in conjunction with BigStonePhone, has added 5 iPhone applications to the collection: TalkingPics for field photography and audio recording, iGraffiti which lets you paint on photos and share them, Gesture which lets you turn photos into digital paintings and share them, and Twittelator Lite. BigStonePhone is a collaboration between Stone, Jeff BIggus of and artist and UI designer Ollie Wagner.


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