Five QuarkXPress v7/UB XTensions Ship

April 20, 2007 in Utility (F)

[] XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce the immediate availability of five XTensions now including UB support and QuarkXPress v7.1 compatibility. The XTensions include Stylin’, TeXTractor, VTools, BarCoder XT and JobSlug Pro.

Stylin - Stylin’ allows users to apply certain portions of a QuarkXPress style sheet to your text. Style sheets are powerful formatting tools. However, applying a style sheet may reformat some of the paragraph or character attributes you don’t want formatted. Stylin’ solves this problem with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Stylin’ uses a floating palette that contains all the paragraph and character style sheets for a document. By clicking on one of the style sheet names, users can use the style sheet to override specific attributes. The attributes that are not reformatted are remembered between each use and Stylin’ stores frequently used settings for easy recall.

BarCoder XT - This XTensions creates UPC, EAN and ISBN bar codes. The bar codes are saved as EPS files for high-resolution output. With BarCoder XT, you select the symbology, enter the data and BarCoder XT does the calculating and creation of a wide range of popular bar code symbologies.

* Include supplemental digits
* Make full or half height bars
* Include the digits
* Add colour
* Create transparent backgrounds

JobSlug Pro - Keeping track of document revisions isn’t easy, and every time a document is printed out, it adds to the puzzling paper trail around the office. There’s no need to wonder whose document is coming out of the printer with JobSlug Pro. The XTension offers a new way of creating job slugs. JobSlug Pro attaches a self-updating slug to a QuarkXPress document that includes the last time a file was modified, when it was last output and which fonts and colours were used in the document. The slug updates whenever the document is printed so the information that appears on the printed copy is as current as possible.

JobSlug Pro can display Job data (specific information a user enters about the project), client name, job number, job name, artist name, in date, due date, job notes, document data (specific information extracted from the project), imported graphics, last printed time, fonts used, spot colours, last time the document was saved and project or document name. It also provides for custom data giving users seven modifiable fields for their own data. JobSlug Pro includes a template for entering job data in one convenient dialogue.

TeXTractor - TeXTractor is the comprehensive text extraction XTension which lets users export all of the text in a document or selected portions of the text using any filter currently available to QuarkXPress. Users can export only text that has a particular style sheet applied to it, or only text that was brought into QuarkXPress by being imported. The XTension even lets users choose which stories should be exported from a document and rearrange the order in which they are exported.

The extensive TeXTractor preferences make it easy to indicate a “page area”, outside of which no text exports, or users can place markers in the exported text to indicate the beginning and end of stories, as well as on what page numbers the stories were found in the original document.

TeXTractor also offers a batch processing mode, enabling users to export text from a number of QuarkXPress documents in one step. The XTension exports text from documents located in one folder or more folder locations. Users can time-delay text extraction sessions so that they run unattended.

VTools - VTools is a collection of useful editing and product tools designed to handle several of the mundane tasks in a workflow environment and add useful features to QuarkXPress.

VTools provides these solutions:
- Fit to Content resizes a picture or text box to its content
- Full Fit Picture resizes and crops a picture to fill its box
- Eliminate Duplicates interactively removes several sequences of duplicated characters such as space-space
- Story Statistics displays the character, word and line count of a story
- Process Colors changes the colour separation status of specific colours
- Auto Create Library appends the images in a folder to an existing library
- New Layout creates new documents from a database of stored document sizes
- Advisory Board is a simple mark up utility for marking text for review, redlining changes and adding production notes
- The VTools Palette changes the text rotation, text skew, baseline shift and horizontal scale from a tiny palette
- Copy & Apply is a copy and paste utility for copying text and paragraph attributes and applying these attributes to other text
- Case Conversion changes the case of the selected text
- Link Tools provides extended options for the linking and unlinking of text chains that QuarkXPress does not include

Stylin, BarCoder XT, JobSlug Pro, TeXTractor and VTools are available now through XChange International for. To order, or for more information, users can visit, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours. Email address is

XChange are a leading supplier of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension® technology; Adobe InDesign®, Acrobat® and Photoshop® Plug-ins® and other design and publishing utilities. XChange offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site.


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