Enfocus Switch 10 Update 1 with optional new Database Module Released

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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom and Carson City, Nevada - DistributorX, the technology channel source announces the release of Enfocus Switch 10 update 1. Enfocus Switch, the workflow automation platform receiving the 2011 InterTech Technology Award, moves into an increasingly central position within publishing, production and supply chain systems with the important release of Switch 10 Update 1 and the optional Database Module, available immediately.

Dynamically connect any ODBC data source to your PowerSwitch flows
This optional new module for PowerSwitch 10 installations offers unprecedented automation capabilities to formerly cumbersome and expensive database-related applications. Using the powerful new Database Module, PowerSwitch is able to securely connect to any ODBC data source used by most accounting, order entry, CRM and ERP systems.

The Database Module makes it possible for PowerSwitch to instantly access existing ODBC data sources to expedite automated processing and prevent labor-intensive re-keying of job information into multiple systems. The Database Module connects via system DSN resources and honors all database rights and privileges.

The Database Module adds a new Database connect element to the PowerSwitch toolset. This element can be used to dynamically read, write, create, update or delete records in the designated data sources anywhere in your workflow.

The Module also enables any SQL query result to be used as a variable anywhere within your PowerSwitch workflow. You can use live job information, embedded XMP or user-supplied job data (via SwitchClient, PitStop Connect or any job-ticketing system) to easily build dynamic SQL queries at any stage of your workflow. Query results can be used to make decisions for preflight, processing, delivery or archival based on existing job or customer information.

Use the Database Module with PowerSwitch to ensure your systems are always in sync with your workflow and live job status.

Powerful new XMP features:
The new ability to embed Adobe's Extensibe Metadata Platform (XMP) provides a common way for design applications, workflow systems, and backend publishing systems to capture, share and process metadata. Switch previously supported use of jobs' existing XMP data, but now professionals can, for instance, insert a complete job ticket. They can also update existing XMP information with, for example, job information gathered while processing the file.

Expanded support for XMP becomes even more advantageous when PowerSwitch professionals choose to purchase the Database Module. The combination of these allows users even better tracking, accessibility and application use of the XMP data that becomes available.

SwitchClient is an iPad App:
SwitchClient for iPad is the one of numerous product deployments Enfocus is developing to accommodate iPad, and other tablet-based users. While SwitchClient for iPad is a convenience product, allowing professionals to monitor and manage their Switch jobs via iPad, Enfocus is also developing solutions to assist publishers and other stakeholders in simplifying crossmedia workflow processes for legacy, as well as new content. One of the first examples is a PDF crossmedia conversion feature in the latest version of Enfocus PitStop Server, which can be used within Switch through the PitStop Server configurator.

More power for Creative Suite 5.5:
The new CS5 Switch Configurators for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop have been enhanced, allowing for more and expanded automation and support for CS5.5. CS5.5 is also one of the hot cross-media growth applications that Enfocus is watching closely, for example the InDesign configurator now allows exports directly to the ePub format within Switch workflows.

Switch actually increases the functionality of the Creative Suite modules by making it possible for any kind of file type to be sent to InDesign or Illustrator making it possible to automatically use XML data to fill out templates.

Production, prepress and creative professionals can dramatically improve productivity thanks to Switch's new level of integration and flexibility, and will be impressed with what they can do with the new features, as well as the time they'll save thanks to greater automation.

Switch 10 Update 1 and the optional Database Module for PowerSwitch users are available now through DistributorX resellers worldwide. Enfocus Switch 10 owners under a current maintenance agreement are entitled to Switch 10, Update 1 at no charge. The optional Database Module has an introductory cost of $1,900.00.

For more information on the Enfocus Switch products or to find a local reseller, users can vist our website or call on 877-458-3414.

DistributorX (DX) distributes products to a wide range of resellers in the corporate, commercial, creative, print, publishing and design sectors and are authorized distributors for Enfocus, FFEI, Global Graphics and Quark. DX represents more than 100 prepress and extended technology vendors of PDF and workflow solutions, QuarkXTension(R) solutions; InDesign(R), Acrobat(R), Illustrator(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other complementary utilities. Copyright (C) 2011 DistributorX. All Rights Reserved.


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