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[] Beijing, China - Super Jay, the new English division at Ruixin Online, an emerging developer focused on creating educational applications for mobile platforms, is pleased to announce the release of ABC Adventure HD: Front Yard Defense. This challenging children's game is a throwback to a classic, arcade-style game mixed with an innovative way to teach children about letters and words. Created specifically for iPad and geared towards children ages four to seven, ABC Adventure HD is a fun and fast paced alternative to the outdated song and drill method once used. Offered exclusively in the Game section of the iTunes App Store, this game will do more than educate, it will keep children entertained for hours.

On launch, ABC Adventure features 32 hand drawn High Definition levels in a familiar front yard setting which the child must defend from the sneaky robbers. This adventure game begins by teaching children the letters A through Z. As the level opens a female announcer prompts the child to pick words with a letter in the beginning, middle, or end of a word. During game play, children are able to whack the robbers back into their hidey-holes, scoring points and increasing their combos in order to make Rocket's ragin' combo bones rain from the sky. Available in the iTunes Game Center, kids can challenge their friends to beat their high scores, and win badges for their hard earned achievements. The game is also equipped with bonus chests and double scoring blue jays in later levels.

With two different game play options, ABC Adventure also teaches the difference between upper and lower case letters. Furthermore, this unique game starts introducing children to three letter words, builds vocabulary, as well as introduces them to the relationship between letters and words. The three star rating system also encourages repetition and continued learning as the child tries to achieve a high score, thus continuing his education and use of the selected letter. These basic concepts are important building blocks to teaching kids to read, write, and spell, however as the kids play this challenging finger-tapper, they will forget they are learning and simply have fun.

The beautiful and colorful graphics are drawn specifically to capture the attention and delight of children for extended periods of time. Clearly written prompts and vocal guidance will ensure the child will not get frustrated trying to follow the instructions, and the funny sound effects made by the robbers will keep children giggling even if they get an answer wrong. The intuitive main menu is easy to navigate, and will keep kids wanting to learn more and more. Ideal for any toddler, this game creates an easy platform for parents to teach their children letters in a fun and interactive way.

ABC Adventure Highlights:
* 32 levels teaching A-Z with 1300 words
* ABC Adventure HD Lite a Top 6 Educational Game
* ABC Adventure HD is now featured in the Educational Game section
* Compatible with Game Center leaderboards and achievements
* Choose between upper and lower case letters
* Teaches vocabulary and letter to word relationships
* Kids-friendly game play: Quick finger tapping
* Extremely challenging and educational
* Hand drawn graphics keep children engaged
* Easy to follow instructions quickly engages child in learning and fun
* Hours of fun: Great replay ability for the whole family

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 and later

Pricing and Availability:
$1.99, 30% off for introductory week Only

Super Jay, based out of Beijing, China, is the newly created English division at Ruixin Online. The developer is committed to creating the highest quality educational iOS products to entertain children of all ages. The creative team behind Super Jay takes pride in building applications that enhance and supplement a child's education, empowering them to take learning into their own hands. (C) 2011 Super Jay. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the US and/or other countries.


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