PixelMags is using their HTML5 Capabilities for Advertisers in Magazines

September 21, 2011 in Services (E)

[prMac.com] Los Angeles, California - PixelMags, a world leader in content distribution software, has kick started their Ad Network with Starz and Anchor Bay Entertainment by showcasing full HTML5 advertisements for the hit shows Spartacus and Camelot.

PixelMags has built their "Ads by PixelMags" advertising network for the digital magazine industry, allowing publishers to take full advantage of the PixelMags CDS (content delivery software) and HTML5 capabilities. This technology and advertising delivery system allows a third party company to promote themselves to the PixelMags reader database.

Jeff Eisenberg, CEO of AdPlayerz Inc, a Multi-Platform Digital Sales Company that represents PixelMags Ad Network in North America said, "the difference between PixelMags Content Delivery System and its ad serving platform compared to others, is that it provides advertisers the opportunity to buy CPM based HTML5 advertising campaigns served by a third party in real time. This allows the advertisers to take full advantage of our ad serving solution for HTMl5 ads with videos and links with complete reporting on impressions, video engagements and clicks. Further, delivering the HTML5 ads in real-time, allows PixelMags to work with advertisers as changes are needed on the fly. PixelMags has developed a very competitive CPM program for advertising placement, that allows the clients to place space based on a set budget, with actual impression numbers, rather than being obligated to use fixed ad placements without guarantees."

With Ads by PixelMags, publishers can unlock the full potential of their ad space by utilizing fully interactive HTML5 pages. The current Spartacus and Camelot ads that are in the PixelMags distributed magazines, showcase video trailers for the newly released DVD's and Blu-ray's. The reader is able to watch the trailer and buy the product without ever having to leave the magazine app.

Ryan Marquis, Founder and COO said, "PixelMags has provided the opportunity for advertisers to see a full report of impressions served, engagements of videos, and actual engagements of links. This allows advertisers to see how successful their campaigns are, and what changes need to be made to engage their target audience even more if they feel needed."

The features of this network include but are not limited to; new and enhanced ad placement opportunities, the option to choose the ad page of an issue, as well as controlling and editing all your ads. An advertiser can also specifically target demographics, such as age, sex, or if they just want an iPad or iPhone specific ad. Rather than running an ad in just one magazine, advertisers are now able to reach as broad or specific of an audience as they see fit by utilizing the entire PixelMags reader database, which encompasses over 200 plus magazines.

About AdPlayerz Inc.
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