Insider Software TeamServer Version 5 for Small Workgroups Now Shipping

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[] San Jose, California - Insider Software announced today the immediate availability of FontAgent(R) Pro TeamServer(TM) version 5, which makes the latest release of FontAgent Pro Server available in an easy, economical and expandable font management solution for creative teams, departments and small agencies. TeamServer delivers a simple, comprehensive, expandable font-server solution that gives users search, preview and activation power at an attractive entry-level price of just $895 for the server and five connected clients.

Centralize and Share Your Fonts for Consistent Output and Control:
TeamServer includes all the server and client software required to deliver unrivaled font management functionality to all users in a workgroup as it:

* Creates a centralized library of fonts of virtually any size that everyone can share
* Installs, updates and collects fonts on user workstations automatically
* Provides and enforces consistent font usage across all users and projects

Search, Preview, Print and Activate Fonts Fast:
FontAgent Pro Team Server Version 5 gives users more ways to search, preview and print fonts than other font technologies. Users can:

* Search for fonts by name, weight , slant, keyword, classification and other characteristics
* Find fonts - both locally and over the Internet - by topic (e.g. "winter", "party" or "technology")
* Displays stunning previews of fonts including comparisons and Insider's unique Font Player slide-show technology - and print their results with full color control
* Auto-activate fonts in top design apps including Adobe CS5 InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, and QuarkXPress and other Mac OS X applications

Industry-Leading Font Integrity and Consistency:
Using Insider's industry-leading font-integrity manager, FontAgent Pro TeamServer 5 assures font reliability by eliminating corrupt, duplicate and mismatched fonts, and provides font search, preview and activation - so all team members enjoy correct, consistent on-screen imaging and printed output.

Easy Installation and Maintenance that Requires No New Hardware:
FontAgent Pro TeamServer installs in as little as ten minutes and can run on a dedicated system or an existing user workstation. It enables system and font administrators to:

* Assign permissions to different users for maintaining and installing fonts, distributing fonts and administering the server itself
* Manage font licenses and track their usage in real-time
* Optionally stop users from installing unauthorized fonts

Users with proper privileges can administer the server from any FontAgent Pro client workstation via a single, unified admin interface.

Supports Local and Remote Mac and Windows Users:
TeamServer supports both Macintosh and Windows users and allows local users as well as remote users to receive and upload fonts.

Expandable and Scalable to Larger User Communities:
FontAgent Pro TeamServer 5 is expandable to the Enterprise Edition of the server to support larger groups without requiring re-installation or purchase of another product. The upgrade to the Enterprise Edition includes enterprise directory services (Active Directory/Open Directory), Kerberos single-sign-on and other enterprise features. The upgrade path makes TeamServer a great choice for departments and agencies who want to add users to their font-server solution at a later date.

System Requirements:
FontAgent Pro TeamServer requires Mac OS X version 10.4 or later, 30 megabytes of disk space and 256 megabytes of memory. It supports a range of Macintosh hardware, from dual G4 Mac computers up to and including Apple's MacMini, Mac Pro and XServe multi-processors. It also supports Windows clients running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. The TeamServer does not require a dedicated machine since it can run on any Macintosh computer in the workgroup.

Pricing and Availability:
FontAgent Pro TeamServer is available in two configurations that deliver a comprehensive font-management solution for five- or ten-person workgroups. The five-user edition is priced at $895 (USD) and the ten-user at $1295. Additional users cost $149.95 each. For more information, please visit Insider Software online or call Insider Sales at 866-366-8778 or 520-229-1212.

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