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[] Montreal, Quebec - Mac a Montreal, a highly rated member of the Apple Consultants Network migrates Summit MGT, a full service construction company from PC to Mac in a single day in order to provide a more stable, more efficient work environment. Fully powered by Mac OS X Lion, Summit MGT now benefits from the very tools successful businesses have come to rely on in order to gain a considerable edge in productivity and competitiveness.

Summit MGT is a full service construction company specializing in both the commercial and residential sectors of the market. Managed by Les Samuels and having successfully completed hundreds of projects over the past two decades, Summit MGT has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and integrity.

The constant pursuit of excellence is a given and to remain competitive in today's world, Les Samuels set out to focus on the very tools that every successful business relies on - the tech network.

"We've traditionally been 100% PC and Windows based for everything and of course, we have not been that happy with the results" explains Samuels, "but that's just been the evolution of having grown up with it. We had Macs early on but it was very hard to break away from Windows in the office environment and integrate Macs into our business."

"That being said though" says Samuels, "I've always enjoyed being an Apple person for home functions like iTunes and AppleTV. I just didn't see an intelligent way to marry the two and take that step and do it for my business - that is until I heard about Mac a Montreal".

"The engineer I spoke with at Mac a Montreal explained that it was in fact much less daunting that I had ever imagined because of all the advances in Mac OS X and the world of virtualization. With any Mac today, you can continue to use your Windows-only apps (if you need to) and then jump on to the wonderful world of Mac OS X for everything else."

"The transition was surprisingly seamless - very surprising. I honestly found it too good to be true" explains Samuels. "Because in my own experience, whenever you try to do any type of computer transitions, there is a lot of growing pains and suffering."

"Mac a Montreal assured me by phone a couple of times that it wouldn't be the case but I insisted we have a face to face meeting because I still didn't believe that it was possible to transition away from what I describe as at least 15 years of inefficiency working in a buggy Windows environment to actually taking the leap into what I hoped would be a clean Mac operating world." stresses Les.

"I honestly did not think that it would be actually possible to do it that quickly. But in fact, true to their word we did the whole upgrade in less than a day - on a Saturday to boot - and by Monday morning we were fully operational with all of our software - with everything up and running" says Samuels.

"The reaction of my co-workers and myself has been nothing but positive. They think it's just wonderful and as one of my co-workers describes it - it's like Christmas everyday when she opens the Mac. Wonderful surprises - the gifts that keep on giving" smiles Les. "But of course, it's the efficiency, the speed, and lack of bugginess that are probably the most important function for us here."

"I'm very pleased with the decision we have made at Summit MGT. I have no regrets and will not miss the PC. It already feels like a dinosaur and ancient history."

Les Samuels and Mac a Montreal continue to collaborate on other projects.

Know all your options before you commit yourself to anything. Mac a Montreal consultants offer you all the facts and options before any work is started. We don't sell a product - we offer solutions.

Some of the services we offer:
* Migration from Windows to Mac
* Integration of Macs in a Windows environment
* Server configuration and network administration
* RAID installations and configuration
* Software installations
* Hardware installations
* iPhone configurations and MobileMe integration
* Parallels, VMWare, and Bootcamp installations and configuration
* Remote support
* Backup solutions (on-site and remote)
* VPN connectivity
* Media Servers
* Mobile Office Solutions
* And much more

Mac a Montreal, a highly rated member of the Apple Consultants Network brings the magic of Apple solutions to business and home users on a daily basis. All our services are designed to maximize the use of your Apple gear and help integrate it with other equipment you may already have. What more, you don't have to go anywhere - we'll come to you!

Mac a Montreal consultants will set you up from beginning to end including the transfer of your existing data from your older machines and will identify opportunities for improving your business and work flow through technology that you may never have considered.

In addition to managing our growing client base, Mac a Montreal is approved by Apple in Cupertino to work hand in hand with all official Apple retail stores in the Montreal area (Carrefour Laval, Sainte-Catherine, and Fairview) to provide a wide range of expertise in the design and implementation of Apple solutions.

Mac a Montreal will assess your current technology infrastructure and determine what changes would help increase your productivity. We then design and deploy a customized solution based on that assessment that also includes a plan for easy maintenance and modular upgrades as your business grows or your needs change. Because your relationship with us is ongoing, you can always rest assured that we'll have the answer to whatever future ideas you may have.

Whatever your question, no matter how big or how small, our certified Apple experts are here to help. Mac a Montreal deals with varied scales of request ranging from a home user setup to a large scale business deployment. We pride ourselves on rising to the challenge, as lets face it, life gets boring when its all too easy.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Mac a Montreal is a highly rated member of the Apple Consultants Network. Approved by Apple in Cupertino, we work hand in hand with all official Apple retail stores in the Montreal area (Carrefour Laval, Sainte-Catherine, and Fairview) to provide a wide range of expertise in the design and implementation of Apple solutions. All Material (C) 2011 Mac a Montreal / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and all other Apple Products and hardware, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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