New Teen Adventure Heroine Lucy Dakota Empowers Young Women

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[] Lakewood, Colorado - Lucy Dakota is one cool girl. She climbs mountains, braves roiling whitewater and leads others with confidence. Best of all, she isn't afraid to be herself. But it wasn't always this way.

Lucy is a typical teenage girl: intelligent and full of vitality, yet confused and unhappy with her lot in life. Rocky relationships with friends and boyfriends make it hard to fit in at school until she joins an adventure group and discovers the thrill of exploring Colorado's Rocky Mountains. In the backcountry of her home state, she meets her more daring side and transforms from a timid, chubby tween who hides from school bullies to a brave, spirited, globe-trotting leader in the wilderness and beyond.

Meet Lucy Dakota in Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer - Rocky Mountain Beginnings by Denver author C. S. Shride. Lucy is the heroine of an exciting new adventure series for young adults that encourages readers to discover their strengths and take on the world, whether at school, home or, like Lucy, skipping across the continents.

Lucy is relatable because she is real. "I lived these adventures," Ms. Shride says. "I was scared. I made some bad decisions, although Lucy makes better choices than I did! I found my way because I found myself." Author Shride spent nearly 30 years as a high-altitude mountaineering guide, outdoor educator and owner of an adventure travel business. She saw how young women blossom while challenging themselves on outdoor adventures. "I want to bring the power of self-discovery and self-reflection to girls in a fun way. Joining Lucy on her adventures opens a new world of possibilities for girls. They realize that if Lucy can do it, they can too."

Rocky Mountain Beginnings is the first in the Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer series. In future books, she climbs the world's highest mountains - and loses a friend - in Nepal, lives with headhunters and faces jaguars in South America, dives with sharks in the Galapagos Islands and survives a tropical storm in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

What people are saying:
"Just wanted to let you know that Sloane LOVES the book. It arrived yesterday and I finally had to tell her to put it down last night and go to sleep!" - AnDrew French New Boston, NH

"I love "Lucy"! Shride makes Lucy very real. Lucy is no goodie-two-shoes as most pre-teens are represented in youth books. She experiences the real-life challenges of growing up - insecurities that tempt her to try things to belong to the gang. However, she realizes that these are not the things that make her happy. What does make her happy is belonging to a group of young adventurers that challenges her inner strengths, and proving to herself she is a strong, worthwhile girl growing into womanhood. I highly recommend this book to all young readers, and look forward to reading the whole series as it is released." Virginia Crouse Lancaster, PA

"I encourage all teen readers to read this book! It has so much wonderful and informative information about Colorado and surrounding areas. Lucy, the main character, is full of life and trials that every teenager anywhere could relate to. She is empowered and willing to take on life's challenges and becomes a true role model to young readers everywhere! Through her eyes we get a chance to explore new adventures and learn how she navigates through them. I really liked the references to areas in the Colorado region that I had been to and explored as well. Hats off to Lucy Dakota and I can't wait for the new journey!" TJ Lakewood, CO

"I am thoroughly enjoying the book and with every chapter I've read about something that I can relate to in my own life." Deb Strom Denver, CO

"Lucy's challenges make us want to test what we're made of, too." BlueInk Reviews

About Author C.S. Shride:
C.S. Shride is an author, speaker, educator, explorer and guide who grew up at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. For nearly 30 years as an adventure guide, climber and business owner, Shride pursued her lifelong passions: outdoor education and high-altitude mountaineering. She holds a master's degree in education and found tremendous joy teaching both outdoors and in the classroom. Now a full-time writer, she authors books and essays for women and teens. Learn more about Shride's life and work at and "like" her author page on Facebook.

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My Piece of the Puzzle is the publishing business of C.S. Shride, author of the Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer young adult book series, the Straight Talk for Teens book series (available in 2013), the Lucy Dakota Reflections Journal (available Summer 2012) and the Lucy Dakota Travel Journal (available now). The vision for My Piece of the Puzzle is that Lucy Dakota be in the minds and hearts of girls and women around the world, like Harry Potter was, and that she inspire them to know themselves and live their own lives. The difference between Harry and Lucy however, is that Lucy is a real role model; a young woman who has only her own strengths and gifts, not magic, to help her explore the world and live her dreams. And boy does she live them. Copyright (C) 2011 My Piece of the Puzzle. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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