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Taco HTML Edit 3 Adds Lion Features, Error Checking, Navigator

Cincinnati, OHIO    Oct 07, 2011 in Web Design


Cincinnati based Taco Software today releases Taco HTML Edit 3, the latest edition of its popular HTML and PHP editor for Mac OS X. For OS X Lion users, Taco HTML Edit 3 adds support for Autosave, Versions, Resume, and Full Screen. Taco HTML Edit 3 also adds a Navigator, Code Folding, and revamped Error Checking. The Component Library, introduced in version 2.5, has also received the addition of two new components. Taco HTML Edit 3 also adds many other new features.


[] Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, Taco Software today is pleased to announce the release of Taco HTML Edit 3, the latest edition of its popular HTML and PHP editor for Mac OS X. For OS X Lion users, Taco HTML Edit 3 adds support for Autosave, Versions, Resume, and Full Screen. With Autosave, documents are automatically saved while they are edited; it is no longer necessary to manually save documents. Versions complements Autosave by allowing users to view and restore previous versions of a document.

Taco HTML Edit 3 provides a brand new interface for error checking, and can find errors in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. The new CSS error checker is the most advanced on the planet, based on the working drafts of the W3C CSS3 specification. PHP error checking now executes the PHP code, just like for previewing a PHP document. This allows both syntax and runtime errors to be reported by the error checker.

The Navigator, new in Taco HTML Edit 3, shows an outline of your HTML, PHP, JavaScript, or CSS document, allowing you to quickly move to a different location. Links to other documents are represented with an arrow in the Navigator, which can be clicked to open the linked document. A variety of linked items will appear in the Navigator, including hypertext links, script and style references in HTML, PHP includes, and CSS imports.

The Component Library was introduced in Taco HTML Edit 2.5 and was met with an extremely enthusiastic response from users. The Component Library allows you to select one of 24 components, customize it, and insert it into an HTML document. From Slideshows to Pie Charts, from Accordion Controls to Scrollable Tables, the Component Library has the widgets that web designers have often wanted to add to web pages, but until now have been very encumbering. The Component Library revolutionizes how web designers create web pages.

Taco HTML Edit 3 adds two new components to the Component Library: Video Player and Modal Dialog. Video Player makes it easy to add HTML5 video to web pages, with an optional Flash Player fallback. Modal Dialog allows a dialog with a translucent overlay to appear over a web page, showing any HTML content.

Taco HTML Edit 3 has many other new features, including Code Folding, a new command for commenting and uncommenting code, find and replace with HTML character codes for non-ASCII characters, and much more.

Pricing and Availability:
Taco HTML Edit 3 costs $24.99 (USD) per license, and can be downloaded from Taco Software's website or purchased from the Mac App Store. Taco HTML Edit requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later. A free, 30-day trial is available.


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Taco Software was founded by Raj Doshi in 2002 with the goal of delivering quality software for Mac OS X. Taco Software's first product, Taco HTML Edit, has led the way among HTML editors with features such as Live Preview, Syntax Checking, and the Component Library. In 2010, Taco Software released its second product, Latexian. Latexian is a revolutionary front-end for the LaTeX typesetting language, providing features such as Live Preview, Code Folding, Navigator, and more. Copyright (C) 2010 Taco Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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