TwitChat - Private, Instant Messaging for Twitter

October 10, 2011 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Atlanta, Georgia - TwitChat was originally the idea of three students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and winners of the 2011 Undergraduate Georgia Tech Business Plan Competition. As a 3rd party instant messaging application, TwitChat expands the functionality of Twitter beyond its ingenious design that already boasts 400 million users. In addition to using your already established Twitter profile to interact with people publicly (through tweets), you will now be able to communicate through Twitter privately, and in small groups!

TwitChat is attacking a market pain long realized by Twitter users: that Twitter should integrate some sort of chat feature, as Facebook did in 2008. Unlike Twitter, Facebook implements all of its features internally. Twitter is not actively adding features, but instead allows third parties to create their own apps that can add functionality to Twitter. "3rd party applications such as TwitChat are very welcomed by Twitter and it's long term strategy - which is to stay nimble and stick to it's expertise of being a great way to chat publicly with your friends," said Marcus Thomas, CEO of TwitChat. "Our application combines the fun elements of apps such as BBM and GroupMe, while offering users the benefit of simply entering in their Twitter username and password to login."

TwitChat looks to be an interesting way for users to connect with their followers outside of the normal public tweet feature of Twitter. Not only is the application a smart, easy, and fun way for a growing user-base upwards of 100 million active users to finally connect with each other in a private setting, but also a viable way for businesses to connect with their loyal customers as well as connect with new potential markets. Major features of TwitChat include:

* Automatic Friends List
* Private Instant Messaging
* Group Chat
* Public Hashtag Chat
* Send Files, Audio, Video
* Login using your Twitter Credentials
* Manage alert and sound settings.

Be sure to follow @TwitChat on Twitter for news and updates. To sign up and for more information please visit our website.

Established in February of 2011 by three Georiga Tech students, TwitChat, LLC is mobile and desktop software company focusing on the development of the Twitter-integrated instant messaging application, TwitChat. TwitChat is both a website and mobile application (iPhone, Android, iPad) that allows users to chat instantly and privately with their Twitter friends. Users login with their Twitter accounts and send and receive text, photos, videos and audio, group chat, and more. Copyright (C) 2011 TwitChat, LLC All Rights Reserved.