Reds 1.0 for iOS - Virtual Pinball Features Ultra-Realistic Game Physics

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[] Reading, UK - Evolution Games and Macsoftex today is pleased to introduce Reds 1.0 for iOS, their new virtual pinball Game that features ultra-realistic game physics. Played in landscape mode, it has no flippers or bumpers, requiring the player to master the 360-degree, variable spring-action plunger to win games. Once fired, the green pinball bounces off walls, obstacles, and other balls. When the green ball finally exits through the wide drain at the bottom of the playfield, everything it has touched disappears except permanent obstacles. There are red and blue balls on the playfield, and the player must eliminate all the red balls to win. Depending on the level, the player may have 1 - 6 balls to launch, and some balls may be saved after being fired for launch again. Reds includes 4 worlds (Fire, Water, Air, Earth), each with 15 levels of play.

Since the 1950's, the electro-mechanical pinball machine has been a favorite at old-fashioned game arcades worldwide. The lights, bells, gimmicks, and themes all contributed to its popularity. But what kept players feeding coins into these machines was watching the big silver ball as it was launched into the top of the playfield, interacted with a variety of mechanisms, and finally dropped out of play. Reds uses a glowing green ball, but the hypnotic effect is the same, as the player follows it from launch, through mazes, bouncing off walls, interacting with other balls and moving obstacles, and finally dropping down out of play.

Reds has at its core an ultra-realistic game physics engine, which exerts normal gravity over all the balls, and acts on the playfield that has a small virtual tilt downward (similar to an actual pinball machine). Whether the green pinball is fired at top speed or easily lobbed over an obstacle, the game's physics are fascinating to watch. Collisions are computed accurately in real-time, as the pinball may bounce off six balls in one second, or hit a rapidly spinning obstacle and be propelled away at high velocity.

Feature Highlights:
* 4 challenging worlds (Fire, Water, Air, Earth)
* 60 exciting levels
* Static and dynamic obstacles
* Full support for retina display
* Game Center Support
* Launch balls with great accuracy
* Creative setups and challenging puzzles

Unencumbered by the design requirements of traditional pinball machines, Reds is wider than tall, and depending on which of the 60 levels is being played, the plunger might be located anywhere on the playfield. Capable of 360-degree rotation, the arrow-like plunger launches the green pinballs one at a time; only one pinball is in play at any time. The innovative virtual plunger resembles the hour hand of an old mechanical clock, except this arrow can be dragged in and out, making it longer or shorter. The length of the arrow determines the launch velocity of the pinball after the player touches the fire button.

Emanating from the tip of the arrow/plunger is a stream of animated black dots, darker close to the tip and increasingly lighter as the stream continues. This animated stream of dots represents the trajectory of the green pinball, given the current angle and length of the plunger. Playing with the plunger is a hands-on demonstration of Newtonian physics, as the predicted ballistics of the pinball is displayed in real-time. With practice, players will simultaneously adjust both angle and velocity with a single gesture, pinpointing targets. As in actual pinball, there are situations where maximum velocity is best, but more frequently, a precisely aimed parabola-like shot is more effective.

Reds requires players to think about how to achieve maximum points and remove all the red balls on the playfield. Each level is a unique puzzle, and it often takes half a dozen tries before the key to solving the puzzle becomes apparent. Because the virtual plunger can be adjusted so accurately, players can make minute adjustments to fulfill their strategies. The entire game is finely tuned; firing, bouncing, colliding, and rolling of all the balls works perfectly. All 60 levels are locked, except the first, and players must move sequentially through the levels. Reds gives players three skip options on each level, so if a particular level seems unbeatable, players can skip it, returning at a later time.

"Our goal is always to produce a fully realized app," commented Alex Baturski of Macsoftex. "Others may rush their game into the app store, but we prefer taking the time to refine it until we are satisfied that it's the best we can do."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4.3 tested)
* 25.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Reds 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request.

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