KeystrokeRecorder Watches What You Do and What You Type

October 29, 2008 in Mac OSX (E)

[] Orlando, FL, USA - CampSoftware updated KeystrokeRecorder this week to automatically reload its settings. Since KeystrokeRecorder is a stealth application which runs in the background and meant not to be found, it previously had to be quit and relaunched to load the settings. The update makes changing settings very simple.

"KeystrokeRecorder has help countless number of parents, spouses, and employers by letting them know about problems before they happen." said Hal Gumbert of CampSoftware. "One parent emailed us to thank us for KeystrokeRecorder which they installed on their daughters computer. They found that she was planning to meet friends to take drugs, but they were able to talk to her about it instead. It's great to know we can help people."

KeystrokeRecorder X is an application that records both screen shots and keystrokes into a file or sent via email for later retrieval. If you do a lot of typing or if you need to know what another person is typing, KeystrokeRecorder is a "must have program". KeystrokeRecorder X also saves or email screenshots to help provide context.

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