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[] Hertfordshire, United Kingdom - AppaSnap today announced that their new apps review website has gone live with more than 150 reviews of the latest iPhone and iPad games. Unlike other sites which tend to only give a basic overall score, AppaSnap gives users a real in-depth insight into each game, by scoring each title by a series of categories including graphics, sound, playability, longevity and value.

AppaSnap is unique in the number of reviewers it has recruited with over 100 contributors who are regular iPhone or iPad users and have extensive knowledge on their subject. AppaSnap also ensures that interactive books for children and educational games are also reviewed by parents or grandparents of children of the appropriate age.

AppaSnap was created by a team of people with app development experience so we understand what is involved in making a great game and can appreciate the effort that developers have gone to. Even if the game falls short of spectacular, we can see that they still deserve a thorough review with constructive comments that will help the vendor make better future updates.

To make it easier for readers to find the games that interest them, apps are also organised into sensible categories such as Casual, Puzzle and Role Playing Game etc. Each category also highlights apps that AppaSnap considers to be the stand-out benchmark for that category as well as awarding medals for the best, must-have titles (as well as also occasionally highlighting the worst!)

AppaSnap ensures that our reviews are suitably detailed as they are generated using a unique template based system that asks a series of questions to help guide the reviewer through the important elements of the game, before asking them to award a suitable score at the end of each section.

Craig Langley, Editor of AppaSnap said "We created the site because we found it difficult to find quality reviews of the less well-known titles. Most of the other review sites we saw only seemed interested in the already popular apps and many reviews were very vague. As we score every area separately, when a user downloads a game they'll know exactly what they are getting. Our aim is also to give an audience to the hidden-gems from the indie developers as well as the more popular titles."

"Feedback from readers and developers has been amazing," continued Craig. "With comments posted such as 'Like the layout of your reviews, great information, more please!' and 'Finally! This is just what I was looking for."

Doug Husen from Ayars Animation, the developer of interactive books such as Cozmo's Day Off and Jack and the Beanstalk said "What I appreciate about AppaSnap reviews is that the categories are useful and understandable. The commentary is honest, thoughtful and demonstrates an insight into usability. These reviews are high value and foster trust between the reader and reviewer!"

Darryl Hough, one of AppaSnap's reviewers said "AppaSnap is a great company with a great idea. They identified a gap in the market for quality reviews and filled it. They have worked closely with me and their drive is phenomenal. Unlike other review sites out there, Craig and his team really strive for quality to assist all who use any Apps by providing an unbiased and realistic opinion of the Apps that are on the market. Congratulations to all of the team!"

AppaSnap was formed in June 2011 by Craig Langley and John Thornewill who between them have more than 40 years' experience of computing, games and game reviews. From the early days of home computing in the 1980's to the latest advanced mobile games, Craig and John have developed and designed many titles and have used this experience to create the most in-depth reviews site for iPhone and iPad games. Copyright (C) 2011 AppaSnap. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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