Tao Effect takes shot at FileVault with revolutionary Espionage

October 30, 2008 in Utility (E)

[prMac.com] Miami, Florida - Tao Effect announces the immediate availability of its revolutionary folder encryption solution, Espionage. Espionage solves the performance problems plaguing FileVault by allowing users to encrypt and password protect individual folders for the first time on the Mac, while providing the same powerful AES-128+256 bit protection.

For the first time, users can encrypt application data such as email, or chat conversations, without having to encrypt the contents of their entire home folder. This results in a significant performance boost to file operations and saves laptop users battery life.

Benchmarks performed by Tao Effect showed over a 3x performance difference between access to encrypted data and unencrypted data. Espionage saves users this penalty imposed upon them by FileVault by letting the user choose what needs encryption and what doesn't, while playing nicely with third-party applications.

Espionage integrates directly with the Finder. When a folder is protected by Espionage the user just double-clicks on it and enters their password at the prompt to unlock it. To re-lock the folder they just right-click on it and choose "Lock" from the contextual menu. Never has it been this easy to encrypt data.

Espionage also integrates with Spotlight to hide folder contents from search results when the folder is locked, while still allowing the user to search folders when they are unlocked.

For users who just want to put a password on unimportant data without securely encrypting it, such as a folder full of hundreds of videos that they don't want their grandparents to see, Espionage has them covered. While securely encrypting folders is its chief purpose, Espionage can put a password on any folder in a flash without touching its contents.

Imagine being able to encrypt all of the email on your hard drive, regardless of what application you use to read it! Espionage has demonstrated that it can do just that, while staying quietly out of your way, the only time you need to use the Espionage application is when you're first encrypting a folder. After that everything is all setup and you're ready to go about your business while Espionage ensures that your data is safe.

Tao Effect is company dedicated to producing unique, high-quality software for the Mac OS X platform. Taking inspiration from the eastern philosophy of Taoism, Tao Effect believes that software should be a seamless balance and flow between user and machine.


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