Travel App Box - 15 useful travel tools for the iPhone

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[] Falkensee, Germany - cerasus media GmbH today is pleased to announce the launch of their newest universal app Travel App Box for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The Travel App Box is the "Swiss Army Knife" for any traveler. It collects 15 useful apps that can be very helpful when one is away. It will assist in answering urgent questions while traveling - such as the amount of money that should be left as a tip. The best part of the 15 tools: except for up to the minute flight status information they may all be used offline. This way no expensive roaming charges will accrue for an internet connection in a foreign country.

In a nutshell:
* Travel App Box 1.0 has been released
* 15 useful travel tools
* App for the iPhone, the iPod touch and the iPad
* Offline use of most tools - no roaming charges abroad!
* E.g. currency converter for more than 30 currencies
* E.g. maps of transportation networks for 40 major cities
* E.g. display of flight status
* Introductory price: $1.99

The following tools may be obtained and used from the Travel App Box:

* Converter: Monetary amounts for more than 30 currencies may be converted into any currency or into euros.

* Offline Maps: With theTravel App Box maps of a destinations can be downloaded in advance and stored in the app. Once arrived at the actual location the offline maps may then be used for orientation.

* Flight Status: When traveling by plane one can never be certain about the status of a flight. This tool provides up to the minute information in regard to punctuality, terminal, gate, flight duration and route of a flight.

* Maps of Transport Networks: When going to one of the 40 major cities like Berlin, Paris or London a map of the current public transportation network can be downloaded onto the iPhone. This can be done ahead of time and used locally offline.

* Clothing Size Converter: When abroad, clothing sizes are often not the same as at home - especially when it comes to shoes, pants or shirts. This tool helps the traveler to convert the different sizes based on where he is coming from.

* Unit Converter: Different countries - different measurements. Anyone that would like to convert kilometers to miles, centimeters to inches or gallons to liters, simply starts the unit converter. The tool is familiar with 12 categories, including length, speed, weight, temperature and volume.

* Country Codes: There is always the question which country code has to be used to make a call from one country to another. The app knows 146 country and area codes.

* Emergency Numbers: Emergency numbers for the police, the fire department or the ambulance differ from country to country. If an emergency number is needed while abroad the app will provide that number and also conveniently dial it.

* Tip Calculator: Different countries - different customs. It can be quite embarrassing if one does not leave an appropriate tip. This module shows the usual percentage of many countries and calculates the amount of the approximate tip that should be left. The tool will also point out those countries in which tipping is perceived as an insult.

* Phrase Dictionary: Communication may prove to be difficult if someone is not familiar with the official language. The app collects the most importand words and phrases for the most common situations and translates them into English, French, Spanish or Italian. A large typeface is being used that makes it easy to simply show the text so someone.

* Picture Dictionary: Sometimes it feels as if no common language can be found when abroad. It seems that one has to talk with hands and feet or better yet, consult the picture dictionary. It contains over 140 pictograms from seven categories, such as "Accommodation", "Health" or "Food". This makes it easy to visually illustrate someones needs - may it be milk or a doctor - and to eliminate any language barriers.

* Travel Games: Of course the little ones get bored easily on the long journey from home to the final destination. That's why the app offers an extensive collection of travel games that may be used in the car or on the train.

* Velocimeter: If a device has a GPS module, this tool will discover how quickly one is moving on land, at sea or in the air.

* Altimeter: Through a GPS module as well, it can be determined how many feet above sea level one is at the moment.

* Holiday Countdown: The anticipation of a trip is something very important for most travelers. The countdown always shows how many days are left until departure.

Stefan Julke, CEO of GmbH: "The 15 tools are just the beginning. Buyers may look forward to continuous - free - improvements and additional tools."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 3.1 or later
* Universal Application
* 13.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Travel App Box 1.1 is offered at the introductory price of $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category. Anyone that would like to test the app may simply ask the press agency for a promotional code. It allows for the free installation of the app on the iPhone, the iPod touch or the iPad. is one of the most important European Casual Game Developers in the retail and download markets for PC, Mac and Nintendo DS(i). Our customers are made up of reputable publishers from across the world, which makes our games available in stores and online wherever there is software. We conceive and organize new games, overseeing all stages of their development until they are ready for the market. To do this, we also draw upon domestic and foreign external resources for programming, graphics, sound and music. When developing our games, we rely on innovation and entertainment value. Top 10 Titles in the Casual Game Charts the world over underscore our international appeal.