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[] Charlottesville, Virginia - Learning to write is a task that requires constant practice guided by consistent instructional content. Niles Technology Group apps provide such instructions plus one intangible skill - the apps teach students how to be confident writers. Students learn to examine their ideas in-depth and to develop strong, reasoned arguments. With Niles writing apps, for the iPad and iPhone, students learn to write their personal best, without hesitation.

Teaching academics is very complex because it is much more than simply presenting information. The smartest student does not come off as smart if he or she lacks the confidence to express himself. Doing well on a multiple-choice or a fill-in-the-blank test is only one aspect of student learning; the other important aspect is the capability to explain, in writing, what has been learned. When asked to write an essay, students figure out, rather quickly, that talking about something is easy, but writing about the same is hard. The goals of Niles Technology apps is to make writing less difficult, as well as enjoyable for students.

"Confidence is the product of being comfortable in what you know and believe. The ability to explain your ideas, in writing, is a hallmark of confidence," explains Michael A. Niles, president of Niles Technology Group. "Unfortunately, most students are afraid to write, not because they do not know grammar, but because they are not confident about their arguments. This is what separates Niles Technology apps from others - the apps help students be sure about what they think; and, therefore, sure about what they write."

Helping students to be confident writers begins with showing them that what they think and believe matters and is important. Before writing one sentence, Niles apps teach students to be critical, reflexive thinkers that continually question and refine their ideas. Continuous argument reassessment teaches students how to distill their ideas prior to writing. In addition, thoroughly understanding the purpose of an outline gives students confidence that they clearly understand what they think - students who outline, with clarity, write with clarity as well.

"A good writer is, foremost, a good thinker - teach students to be self-critical thinkers, and they are well on their way to being better writers," continues Mr. Niles. "No two students are alike, and writing is an excellent way for students to exhibit their individuality. To do this properly, the instructional content needs to guide each student to access his own thoughts and ideas, and then direct how to develop those ideas in a way that explains to others. Niles essays apps teaches these all-important skills."

Some examples of what users say about Niles Technology apps are:

"This app seems to be amazing. So many different types. Ohio State isn't getting easier, so this is coming in handy." By Andydew (iTunes Review) about Essay Writing Workstation

"Hands down the best writing help I have seen. The app answers every question it seems and is more like an encyclopedia than a handbook. I have spent more $$$ in bookstores and never got this much. Expensive app but worth every penny." By J. Parks (iTunes Review) about Essay Czar eTextbook

"I bought Middle School Writing about a month ago [for my son] and liked it very much. I found the writing steps very explicit and useful." By F. L., College Writing Professor, California (via email) about Middle School Writing

Schools and teachers have discovered the efficacy of Niles Technology apps. Each month the volume purchase of the apps increase, which indicates that the use of mobile apps in schools is becoming more commonplace. Parents have also caught on because Essay Workstation is the No. 1 gifted app in the Niles inventory. For the lower grades, Middle School Writing has become a solid No. 2 bestseller, with both parents and schools purchasing the app. The Niles app catalog can be seen in the App Store by simply entering "Niles" in the iTunes search

The incorporation of mobile learning into today's classroom is moving into high gear, and Niles Technology Group is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line educational apps that fit into students' mobile lifestyles. Contact Michael Niles at Niles Technology Group for more information about essay writing apps.

Niles Technology Group was founded in 2007 to develop software for emerging technologies and is developing a series of mobile computing applications dedicated to teaching superior writing and logical thinking skills. With its experience in the technology and content required to develop full-featured products for students, Niles Technology Group is a leading iPhone app publisher, and the Achievers Writing Center and Essay Writing Wizard apps have sold successfully worldwide. The key to Niles Technology Group's success is specificity. Each app is specific to the writing task at hand. Michael A. Niles, the founder, was formerly, for eight years, the President and CEO of The Right Education, Inc. (TRE), a web-based educational technology company that developed The Learning Accelerator. He looks forward to continuing to bring top-line education products to the mobile computing marketplace. Copyright (C) 2007-2011 Niles Technology Group. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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