Lyn 1.1.1 for Mac OS X - Fast and Lightweight Image Viewer and Browser

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[] Cremona, Italy - Independent developer Mirko Viviani today is pleased to announce Lyn 1.1.1 for Mac OS X, an update to his low-cost, fast, and lightweight image viewer and browser designed for photographers, graphic artists, and web designers. It provides native support for all popular image formats, such as: JPEG, TIFF, JPEG2000, PNG, TGA, BMP, ECW, HDR, OpenEXR, PPM, SGI, XBM, XPM, PFM, Animated GIF, and all other formats supported by OS X. Just 29 MB in size versus iPhoto's 278 MB, the app loads and views images of virtually any size. With its combined swap, tiling, and on-the-fly scaling technology, Lyn can load and display truly high-resolution, progressive images. In addition, the app supports multi-core processing, single or multiple monitors, and Camera RAW and DNG files from most DSLRs.

Into the battle between Apple's Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom image browsers steps the diminutive Lyn application from independent developer Mirko Viviani. Featuring an extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing interface, Lyn provides these widely used industry leaders some serious competition at a fraction of their size and cost. While it currently lacks tools for color correction (coming soon), etc., it does allow non-destructive image editing transformations, saving crops, flips, and rotations as special file attributes. And Lyn is able to attach and browse photo libraries created in iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom.

As an image viewer and browser, Lyn includes a host of useful features. With its multi-threading operations, it uses all the power of the host CPU, speeding through batch conversions and other processor-intensive tasks. It supports High Dynamic-Range images, including RGBA float and RGBA double images as well as radiance, PFM, and OpenEXR images. The app's color profile management capabilities detect and apply embedded profiles or color profiles specified in the Exif or Makernote section. And users can easily view common metadata attached to their images: Comments, Exif, Cameras' makernote, Gps, GeoTIFF, and IPTC.

Feature Highlights:
* Progressive display on single or multiple monitor configurations
* Load images of virtually any size
* Multi-threading to take advantage of multicore CPUs
* Embedded profiles or color spaces specified in the Exif or Makernote section
* Compatible with High Dynamic-Range images like TIFF float as well as Radiance and OpenEXR
* Common metadata parser: Exif, Camera's makernote, Gps, GeoTIFF, and IPTC
* Image navigation with Apple Remote Control or Magic Trackpad
* Fullscreen and slideshow
* Full IPTC editing with user-defined presets
* Batch convert and rename
* User defined places
* Non-destructive editing for image transformations
* Easily browse iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom libraries (Mac OS X 10.5 or later required)
* Facebook, Flickr, 500px and Picasa Web Albums sharing (Mac OS X 10.5 or later required)

Designers can browse images fullscreen or as a slideshow on a single or multiple monitor system. Navigating through images is simplified with Apple Remote Control and Magic Trackpad support. Lyn also has built-in connectivity to allow publishing to Facebook, Flickr, 500px and Picasa; email photos using, Mailplane, or Postbox. Photographers can easily mark photos with flags, rate photos for sorting (1 to 5 stars), assign keywords, or add color labels. Photos can be filtered and sorted with the Search toolbar field or displayed chronologically from oldest to newest or the reverse.

"Photographers, graphic artists, and web designers looking for a simple, uncomplicated way to view and browse images should try the free download of Lyn," stated independent developer Mirko Viviani. "Image enhancement and histograms are planned for the near future."

Language Support:
* U.S. English, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 or later
* PPC G4 or better processor
* Any Intel processor
* 29.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Lyn 1.1.1 for OS X is only $20.00 (USD) and is available directly from the Lyn website. A Free Trial Download is also provided. Review copies are available upon request.

Based in Cremona, Italy, indie developer Mirko Viviani is a software developer from back in the Amiga days (1990). He then moved to NEXTSTEP writing a video driver. He later joined GNUstep to help the project in the UI and database areas. Mirko followed that with work in the Enterprise Java world in banking applications for both the web/user side and in the content delivery network sector. Most recently, he has returned to the OS X and iOS markets to develop quality user applications. Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Mirko Viviani. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhoto, Aperture, Mac, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Lightroom is a registered trademark of Adobe. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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