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[prMac.com] Bangalore, India - i-CRG Labs is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Misty Baby for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Misty Baby is a great pocket app for unlimited fun. A collection of cute babies, their sweet voice makes you crazy. You have to rub the early morning mist from the body (the device screen) of the baby, and you will get baby reaction with sweet talks, laughing, crying etc. More you tickle smiling baby, or more you disturb the sleeping baby, you will get more fun. The app is currently in the review process and will be released very soon.

Moreover, the app user max functionality of iPhone, the mist water drops is controlled by the accelerometer, you can make the multiple water drops flow over baby body, and make it more fun. Just shake the device to fill the mist again. A great multi touch iPhone experience makes the misty touch a great experience. The app allows your user to add the photos from the camera/library, and set as background theme. So get your kids photo and set it. Also even you can record the baby voice and add to the app, play with the kids, a great fun time along with your family . You can have multiple pairs of photo/audio, app allows to save it within, a good user interface to select any saved themes/audios.

Chorus And Giggles:
The app has beautiful collection of various cute baby themes, and voice samples, you can find laughing, crying, talking, sleepy baby crying and many more. To get more fun you can switch on Chorus, the multiple sound tracks play and make the ambience much more fun. Also switching on a list of giggles, makes the baby to react, you can just watch and see different baby reaction for each giggles.

Touch your creativity: The app is a great place to touch your creativity, fill a baby with full of mist, start designing the screen with your creativity. A great fun time assured, best thing is you can share the creations via email or save it to your photo library, and use as wall paper.

The application has very good user experience interface, you can control the mist brush size, and many more other configurable options. The Misty Baby definitely makes each and everyone max entertained, it fills the unlimited fun in your iPhone, you will ever stop laughing, its all fun fun fun from this Misty Baby.

* Just rub the mist on the body of the cute baby and start hearing the cute baby voice
* More you tickle, more the baby laughs, also more you disturb sleeping baby more it cries
* Great collection of cute baby sounds
* Chorus and giggle features makes the surrounding more fun
* Add the photos and set as background. Record the voice and play along
* Shake the device to fill the mist, it fills as if its real mist
* Blow on the microphone, and let mist fill this way too
* Ultimate mist graphics, you just feel your device as another wintery season house glass or your car window
* Smily/Cry/Sleepy/Angry etc categories of baby photos as well as sounds
* Share the misty baby photos with the touch of your creativity
* Configurable options - baby actions, water drops, mist brush size etc.
* Make your device max use - Muti touch, Micro phone, camera, accelerometer, speakers, simply to say everything is utilized here
* Retina graphics.

Along With Fun:
* A great companion for moms to make their baby laugh/make her sleep without any difficulty
* For Pregnant women's, this is your everyday health kit, to make you always happy and peaceful
* Best for the travelers - add your kids, record their cute voice, play and forget your long journey time/tiredness
* Add your favorite person photo, fill it with mist and write a nice quote and send it as a gift
* Use your creativity and make your loved one more beautiful with ultimate misty designs, share it with family/friends

This app is in review process, we will post you the release date soon.

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