CS Odessa Rolls Back Pricing Of ConceptDraw MINDMAP V7

in Project Tracking (E)

[prMac.com] San Jose, California - You have discovered the benefits that mind mapping brings you in your work, studies, and personal development. You manage your daily tasks faster than ever before. You power through obstacles that once bogged you down, and you leap from one work scenario to another without missing a beat.

After seeing all these benefits to yourself and your team, you're probably also seeing software prices climbing. The cost to be more efficient is going up. You want the increased productivity, but the thought of paying more just rubs you the wrong way.

CS Odessa hears you loud and clear. In response to your feedback, we're reducing the price of ConceptDraw MINDMAP (single quantity) from $219 to $199 - the price of our previous version. That's right; we're rolling our prices back. You pay the same amount for our newest version, and get so much more:

* Apple(R) OS X Lion(R) compatibility
* Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 7 (32bit/64 bit support)/ribbon interface
* Import and export Microsoft Project(R) files
* Built-in presentation mode with export to Microsoft PowerPoint(R)
* Import and export Mindjet(R) MindManager(R) maps
* Generate, publish and track Tweets from a mind map
* Embed documents into your mind map file for easy sharing of information with others
* Multiple display capability

ConceptDraw Solution Park adds valuable plugin solutions to core ConceptDraw MINDMAP:
* Generate task and milestone reports based on project data
* Organizational Charts, Risk Diagrams, Fishbone Diagrams (requires ConceptDraw PRO v9 to be installed) etc

And of course you will continue to receive free technical support (phone and web-based tickets), all minor upgrades at no charge, and access to new ConceptDraw Solutions as they are released. The combination of product functionality, exemplary support, innovative solutions, and the lower cost of ownership make ConceptDraw MINDMAP a winning strategy for any individual or organization.

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